Cassias Chaos

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Cassias Chaos
Ring names Cassias Chaos

Kydd Chaos
Christian "The Kid" Chaos
Vinnie Chaos
HardCore Vinny
Jon O'brady
Red Torpedo

Height 5'7
Weight 180 lbs.
Born December 18, 1991 (age 18)
New York
Resides Staten Island, New York
Debut 2005

Cassias Chaos (born December 18, 1991) is an American backyard wrestler. He is a 3 time "world" champion in the world of the practice and proclaims himself as "The Face of Backyard Wrestling", fuelled after becoming the first individual to ever host Backyard Wrestling Weekly, claiming himself the first GBYWN Champion in 2007 and being the first Backyard Knight Champion. Chaos's wrestling skills have improved greatly over the years and though now a very good chain wrestler, he's most remembered for his promos fueling them with great intensity.

In the backyard wrestling community he is often ridiculed ever since following a broadcasted promo conducted against GBYWN and Cam, although he labels it as kayfabe. Chaos also is an independent wrestler who works for various federations such as SIWA, IXW, EWA, UWX.His name is often misspelled "Cassius Chaos"


Early Career

Chaos began wrestling as Kydd Chaos. Chaos and a few friends got together to create Pool-based wrestling company XHW, where he won the regional title when facing Mc-Sellz. XHW episodes were only filmed but never released or uploaded to any site, to anyone's knowledge. Chaos soon began to get serious about wrestling, and this began the start of XWA. Chaos gained a victory over Johnny Eggz on the first episode of XWA Carnage. The match was possibly one of the worst matches in backyard wrestling history. Chaos and Eggz were both very green at the time. Chaos took on Dice in the ninth episode on XWA Dead On Arrival. Chaos was called "XWA's Golden Boy" prior to the match, as he seemed to be anti-WoW and pro-XWA. Chaos lost the match to Dice intentionally by falling on his back after being flicked by Dice (similar to the Hogan/Nash flick of doom match). This match signified Chaos's induction into WoW. Chaos joined Dice and his long time friend Crisis Child. Chaos took on Crisis in a respective match between the two for Crisis's XWA World Title. Chaos lost but shook hands with Crisis at the end and they raised eachother's hands. Dice came out and raised their hands as well. Chaos then proceeded to celebrate Crisis's victory, right before turning to the camera and calling out UWX. On Chaos's site ( Chaos wrote about the incident (a year and half after it began) and claims he wrote to UWX via youtube message. Chaos said he personally asked both Orlando Reyes (Big O at the time) and Damien Sage (The Crippler at the time) if they'd be intrested in a cross-promotion rivalry. Apparently UWX didn't get a chance to respond to the message and this caused a huge controversy. UWX and XWA began in a real life rivalry. UWX responded by having kayfabe rivals Killa S and Crippler making a video with Crippler pretending to be Dice. Crippler and Enigma (Andy Sigma) would also continue on by mocking Chaos saying he had a sort of lisp. This was actually true and was because he had braces for a major time with the company (a fact he tried to hide). This fact can mostly be seen in his promo video to UWX "Kydd Chaos responds to UWX" Dice would continue to call out UWX for a while and be seen more by the cameras now that he was leading WoW. Chaos teamed up with Crisis Child to face Kamikaze (Aj Landos) in a handicap match. Chaos and Crisis won completely domaniating the match. Chaos would then face Johnny Eggz in a rematch to their first encounter and lose. At this point in time, Chaos would also go on to fight D-Picks and Lil B in a triple threat match to gain his first XWA championship, the XWA hardcore championship. Chaos would face the likes of Shadow (Kenneth Reigns), D-Picks, and various other wrestlers at the time to defend his title.

Joining GBYWN

Chaos had talked to Cam about GBYWN and was quiet excited with the idea of it. Chaos, being with the company a short time, went on youtube to proclaim himself GBYWN Champion and to tell off ((Damien Sage)) of ((APW)) Chaos has spoken out on himself being champion and had this to say "After being in GBYWN for alittle bit, I came up with this idea...."Chaos says "I myspace messaged Cam and I was like 'what if they're was a heal, he was so conceided, so cocky, so arrogant, he'd claim himself to be GBYWN champion and champion of the world. Cam thought about it and liked the idea insantly, he messaged me back about an hour later and asked me if I'd like to be that champion. I was taken back for a second but I didn't hesistate at all to say yes." Chaos also says "I gotta admit for the first two years of me wrestling, that'd be XHW and XWA, I was really really green. I don't understand why Cam would suggest the title to me or even allow me to hold it. It was way to early, and I definitely didn't deserve it." Chaos would go on to face ((Kenneth Reigns)) who was now going by the name Sal System, for quiting WoW. Chaos won the match and called System a traitor. ((XWA)) joined with ((APW)) in a type of partnership after Sage was betrayed by Reyes. WoW members were unhappy with this and this led to a rivalry of APW V.S. WoW. The feud didn't last long nor did it get anywhere and Chaos began to feel that the suprise element or the shock value of WoW was wearing off. Chaos and Crisis began promos becoming more comical such as them talking about the pornogrophy they watch and high-fiving after they agree on them until Chaos accidently blurts out "Gay Guys gone wild" making both of them feel awkwardly uncomfortable. Finally the franchise died out and WoW began to slowly seperate.

Parting Ways with WoW

On Episode 18 Of XWA, Chaos was beaten backstage by former hardcore champion D-Picks to win his hardcore title. Later on, Chaos parted his ways with WoW and hugged his friend Crisis goodbye, Crisis in turn through Chaos into a "time of crisis" and slammed him down, raging war on Chaos and labeling him a traitor. This began a feud between both men. Later in that same day Chaos would job to new superstar Gravedigger. On Episode 20, Chaos found Sal System backstage and asked him to join him to take down WoW with him. Chaos and System became a team and they took on Dice and newest WoW member D-Picks to win the newly vacated XWA Tag Team Titles. Crisis Child held a "press confrence" on Chaos and said no one would take his title and that Chaos got what he deserved. Chaos came out having very few words to say and many fists to throw. Chaos left the "arena" with an angered look on his face directly after. The two would face off on episode 21 in a lossing effort on Chaos's part. Chaos also would begin to have a sub-character Jon O'brady at the time. The premise of this character was to be a spoiled rich kid with an attitude. O'brady wouldn't last very long and would only truely serve as a jobber to D-Picks, Low Down, and Sal System. At this time, as Kydd Chaos, he was in the main event facing Crisis Child on a constant. Insane Shayne (The XWA Owner)demanded Chaos and Crisis have a match at the XWA's first ever free perview "Forbidden Maiden". Chaos would go on in that match only to lose to Crisis yet again. Chaos would continue on in XWA with no real means of storylines and would work only as a mid-carder or as a jobber. Chaos finally got a storyline, after he was placed in the main event of Ladder Mania, where he'd face Sal System and Dice for the newly vacated XWA Title. Once his tag team partner, Kenneth Reigns became champion, Chaos could see that he was now corrupt challenged him for his title and won it to finally become XWA Champion after alittle over a year of trying. Chaos became the top face instantly, signing autographs for fans and prasising other faces. Chaos fought Low Down for the XWA title, when Low Down lost, Chaos raised his hand in respect and said he believed Low Down would one day become world champion. In this match though Chaos suffered a legit neck fracture after Chaos threw Low Down for the time of Chaos. Chaos then granted Low Down the newly vacated Intercontential Title after as "HardCore Vinny" after Low Down sucessfully defeated him.

Entering the BWB

Upon the departure of XWA, Chaos joined BWB where he was brought in as a face under the name Christian "The Kid" Chaos.Chaos wrestled his first match in the company against Johnny Eggz for the Hardkore Title in a losing effort. Chaos supposedly encouraged Aj Landos to join the BWB and come back to backyard wrestling. Aj accepted and the two began a friendship as they banded together to get rid of "Project X" (Player Z, Bastion Reckonz, Krazy Kev, Spiral, and "The Ref") Chaos and Aj had more experience and alot more knowledge of in the ring activity then the "Project X" stable (who were very green and very unexperienced to say the least), so the storyline was intially dropped. However the two did manage to win the tag team titles in a match against "Project X" Aj and Chaos continued in the BWB as champions for quite sometime. The two had a few skits but ultimately seperate after Aj failed to show up to certain shows, causing the titles to be vacated. Chaos and Aj seemed to be on good terms after the split. Aj continued on as BWB's golden boy and aided BWB in the fight against the newly ressurected WoW. Chaos joined with his old gang (once again under the commandment of Dice) Chaos was scheduled to take on his former partner Aj Landos and newcomer Rk-Crazy in a triple threat match at Kill Or Be Killed. Upon hearing this and joining with WoW, Chaos betrayed Aj and beat him down backstage claiming he didn't need Aj at his side anymore. Chaos attacked Aj repeatidly in a show of domainince and strength (also in hopes to decrease Aj's strength before his big event) Aj would go on to win that match after pinning Rk-Crazy. Chaos blamed Dice for this (as Dice was reffing the match). Chaos would continue beating down Aj Landos for the next couple weeks. Finally Aj challenged Chaos and he gladly accepted. The two had 5 matches against one and other, each ending in favor of Chaos cheaply. Chaos won by DQ, ring out, and interference. The next two matches ended with Chaos walking off leaving an unconcious Aj on the ground, and then one ended with Chaos fighting with Dice who was once again reffing. Chaos challenged Aj to a hardcore match for the Universial Championship at New York Rumble. Aj accepted but no-showed the event. Chaos changed his name to Cassias Chaos, "The International Reject". Chaos began to don an anarchy suit and began to led a new pack called "The Rejects Of Chaos" which starred his half-brother Z, his then-girlfriend Poison, and is good friend, a crack addicted homeless Chris "The Zeut" Terri. At the New York Rumble, Chaos emerged as Cassias but was accidentally called "Damien Chaos" a few times by commentators citing that he looked demonic. Chaos fought Low Down for the vacated Unified Title, a match he lost. Quite obviously at this point in time, Chaos and Low Down's once good friendship was now an intense hatred for one and other. Chaos would continue on in that night to face Reigns Parade for the tag team titles with his brother as his partner. Chaos's loss was blamed on Z and Low Down (who reffed the match. Chaos called smiled at Low Down sickly and out from behind him came Crisis Child, Crisis and Chaos 3d'd Low Down and taunted together. This marked the first apperance and last apperance of Crisis in "Rejects Of Chaos" . In the same night Chaos was one of the last three men left in the New York Rumble that night, with Dice and Reigns. Chaos attacked Dice repeatidly in a form of getting revenge on him for what he had done at Kill Or Be Killed. Chaos continued to win titles here and there as Cassias and was by far his most successful gimmick at that point in his career. Chaos soon changed his name back to "Christian Chaos" and once again teamed with his half brother Z, the two won the Tag Team Titles together as the Hollywood Express. Shortly after he dropped the hollywood gimmick but kept the Christian Chaos. Chaos lost the GBYWN title finally to Low Down in a triple threat match with Dice. Chaos left contact with GBYWN, and when he finally returned he felt betrayed that Cam had began using the GBYWN World Heavyweight Championship as it's main title, to be fair, Cam was under alot of pressure and Cam didn't know how to get in contact with Chaos. Chaos explained to Cam he felt betrayed and he would like to respectively withdraw from GBYWN and Cam agreed. Shortly after Chaos made a video directed to GBYWN which sparked controversy in GBYWN. The video was kay-fabe and was only to answer questions on why he left in his character's mindset.

It all begins again

Chaos entered XIW as "Kydd Chaos" again and emerged as a face who claimed to have signed a 3 month deal with XIW Lightning but he claimed he would retire right after. As Chaos came out to announce his decision, he was interrupted by Dice (who remembered that Chaos had screwed him over previously in BWB). Dice attacked Chaos and said that it was Chaos's time to quit. Chaos came out the next week and challenged him to a last man standing match. Chaos would continue on to face former partner Kenneth Reigns (Sal System) that night and lose. The next week, Chaos appeared ready to fight and ready to train. It was said by commentators he went back to his old dojo with Sensei Eddie Calla. Chaos fought in a squash match against Rk-Crazy and won. Dice feeling bad, came out the next week, and called out Chaos to say he felt bad and was wrong. By admitting this Dice turned face again. Dice said he would gladly face Chaos in a last man standing match but in respect not intensity. Chaos shook his hand and responded "we will fight in a last man standing match........but it won't be as friends" right before giving him a cutter. This event would turn Chaos heel, and make him change his name to Christian Chaos again. Chaos, the next week sent out a promo to Dice claiming to have been stronger, smarter, and more willing to kick Dice's ass. Chaos then competed against Low Down, the two went back and forth, with Chaos just barely losing the match at last minute to Low Down, much to most people's shock and surprise. Chaos replaced a missing Reigns at Total Massacre in the main event, when he took on Low Down for the XIW Championship, a match in which Chaos lost making Low Down the XIW Champion and also proving Chaos correct, when he "this kid will be world champion some day" over 2 1/2 years ago. The next week it showed Chaos beating down Reigns prior to his big match at Total Massacre, showing that Chaos set the whole thing up so he could try and get his hands on the XIW Championship. Chaos had a rematch next week on Carnage, but was interrupted by an interference by Reigns who beat both men down claiming if it wasn't for Chaos that he'd be champion. When Chaos recovered Low Down confronted him on the way he'd been acting claiming it wasn't "him" and that the real Chaos wouldn't act out in such hate and anger. Chaos ignore his confrontation and continued walking. This advice apparently leaked into his head, as 3 weeks later he'd come back as a face "Cassias Chaos". Chaos faced Reigns in a losing effort. The next week Chaos faced off in a triple threat match between himself, Low Down, and Kenneth Reigns. The 3 top stars of the company. Low Down won the match. Chaos raised both mans hands in respect before Reigns attacked both of them claiming he deserves the championship. At Valentine's Vegenance, Chaos beat Dice, but suffered 2 bad ankle injuries. Chaos took on Rc-Flyer in a live event. Chaos fought Low Down for the title 2 weeks after but lost. At this time a woman was seen walking backstage looking for someone, this someone turned out to be Chaos himself and the girl went by the name Chaotic Casey. Flyer and Chaos rematched about 2-3 weeks after there first match with Chaos losing the match. Chaos won the hardcore title backstage but shortly after lost it to Serif. Chaos teamed with Serif and Low Down to take on Reigns Parade (Kenneth Reigns,Kevin Devine and Ramizez De'sire) in a losing effort.

Independent Work

Chaos began wrestling dark matches at IXW, Chaos teamed with Reigns yet again to face Carnage Alliance (Serif and Roman Komorski) and the two won until company star Rez entered the ring after their match and called the two out then beat down both men. Chaos wrestled in EWA to face off against Reigns, a match he won. Chaos fought against Dice and Reigns in a triple threat in a dark match at the SIWA, Dice was crowned the victor. Chaos also wrestled in UWX against Darknezz, a match in which he won, he often laughs about it and says how amazing it was to go there. Chaos was scheduled to become a full time member of indepent promotion SIWA, but after a falling out with Tony Dangerous (whom he was scheduled to begin rivaling against) he was let go.


Chaos has denied alot of rumors about the reasons he quit and has stated the only and sole reason he quit wrestling is because quote on quote "(he) lost all passion, (he's) been a fan of wrestling since (he) was little, and now it's just played out for (him). It's gone..... the passion is just gone" He shrugs it off and says he's enjoyed his time in the backyard community but it was just an annoyance to him alot of the time, he claims. "People constantly confuse you for your character. People told me I was an asshole, I didn't deserve the titles I got and I was just a dick to UWX and to Cam and I deserved to die. (he laughs) Honestly, I have nothing but respect for Cam and for GBYWN, it's incredible how much he's done and UWX....? You can ask them all how I feel about them, I was present at a show and alot of those guys were training me. I'm not Cassias, I'm Vinny. Cassias is the dickhead, Cassias is the 'one who deserves to die' when I was playing that character orginally that was my goal. To be bad, to be evil, to make people want to hate me. But i realized they began to hate ME not the character, not citing the difference"

Return to the ring

Chaos will be returning at "XIW: Revolution Reunion" for his final last match.


  • "WoW ((War Of Wrestling))"- 1st Incarniation
    • Dice
    • Malcolm Haze
    • Crisis Child
    • Kydd Chaos
    • Sal System
    • Lil B
  • WoW - 2nd Incarniation
    • Dice
    • Christian "The Kid" Chaos
    • Ramizez
    • Z (mascot)
    • The Fusion (unofficial)
    • Kenneth Reigns
    • "Crisis" (on occasion)
  • Rejects Of Chaos
    • Cassias Chaos
    • Sign Guy Z
    • Poison
    • Chris "The Zeut" Terri
    • Crisis Child
  • Hollywood Express
    • Christian Chaos
    • Hollywood Z
    • Bastion Reckonz
  • The Xtreme Dream Team
    • Kydd Chaos
    • Sal System
  • Greatest Ever
    • Christian Chaos
    • Aj Landos
  • Chaos and Crisis
    • Kydd Chaos
    • Crisis Child

(The two teamed up in almost every promotion they've been in together, each time Chaos had a different name but had "Chaos" still in the name)

  • Chaos Reigns
    • Cassias Chaos
    • Kenneth Reigns

(Both men teamed up together before as faces as the Xtreme Dream Team)

  • -Groups Associated With-
    • Serif's Squadron (Serif, Low Down, Pain Killer, RC-Flyer)
    • Reigns Parade (Kenneth Reigns, Nightmare, Johnny Eggz, Ramizez, Kevin Devine)
    • King's Court (Ramizez, Z, Kevin Devine, Bastion Reckonz, The Fusion, Sir Ray, Sir Kev)
    • WoW- 3rd incarnation (Dice, Crisis Child, Kenneth Reigns, Ramizez)
    • XIW Newblood (Pain Killer and RC-Flyer)
  • -Wrestlers Often Associated With-
    • Low Down
    • Kenneth Reigns
    • Crisis Child
    • Z
    • Aj Landos


Casey Chaos
Player Z


"The Face Of Backyard Wrestling"
"The Anarchy King"
"One Of A Kind Superstar"
"Archangel Of Anarchy"
"Mr. Youtube"
"The King Of Calla Karate"
"The King Of Staten Island"
"The Rich Kid"
"The International Reject"
"The International Freak"
"King Of Chaos"
"King Of Staten Island"
"The Chaotic One"
"Mr. Hollywood"


  • Fractured Neck (3 times)
    • XWA Title Match against Low Down
    • BWB New York Rumble Tag Titles Match against Kenneth Reigns
    • BWB Carnage Single Match against Low Down.
  • Broken Finger (1 time)
  • Injured Ankle (1 time)
    • XIW Valentine's Vegenance against Dice
  • Knee Injury (2 times)
    • BWB Carnage against Aj Landos
    • BWB Carnage once again against Aj Landos
  • Dislocated Shoulder
    • Chaos received this injury while training but continued to wrestle on with it.

Championships and accomplishments

  • XHW
    • XHW Regional Championship (1 time)
  • XWA
    • XWA World Championship (1 time)
    • XWA Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Sal System
    • XWA Hardcore Championship (3 times)- (Twice as Kydd Chaos, Once as Jon O'brady)
  • BWB
    • BWB Universal Championship (1 time)
    • BWB Unified Championship (1 time)
    • BWB International Championship (1 time)
    • BWB Tag Team Champion (2 times) - with Hollywood Z and AJ Landos
    • BWB Hardkore Champion (2 times)
  • XIW
    • XIW Hardkore Champion (1 time)
  • Misc
    • Backyard Knight Championship (1 time, first and only)
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