2KW Divided We Stand II

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2KW Divided We Stand II
Promotion 2KW
Date April 14, 2010
Venue ACE Arena
Location Union City, New Jersey
Free per view chronology
2KW Divided We Stand II
2KW Second Coming TBD
2KW Divided We Stand chronology
2KW Divided We Stand II
2KW Divided We Stand (2009) TBD

2KW Devided We Stand II is an upcoming wrestling free-per-view event produced by 2KW, which will take place on April 14, 2010 at the ACE Arena in Union City, New Jersey. The event will be the second annual Divided We Stand in the chronology.


Background and Reception

During the event, the performers portray villainous heels and heroic babyfaces as matches are booked and scripted in advance with pre-determined outcomes to matches arranged by the booker and creative staff of the promotion.


# Match Stipulations
1 The A-List (Damien Sage and Anthony Silva) (c) vs. Zoltan (Kris Kage and Whiplash) Tag team match for the 2KW Tag Team Championship
2 William Black vs. Hollywood Grudge match
3 The Movement (Fat Nasty Bastard and Jamal Jackson) (with Hypnotick) vs. Tek and Shawn Matthews Tag team match
4 G-Murda vs. Raze (with SyNN and ToXXSyNN) Singles match
5 Great Styles vs. Angel Ortiz Singles match
6 Statik vs. Nolan Ávila vs. Scythe vs. Matt Vengeance Fatal Four-Way match to determined the No. 1 contender for the 2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship
7 Check vs. Ray Sexy Singles match
8 Patrick Poison vs. Matt Demorest Singles match

(c) represents the champion(s) in the match


-Coming soon.

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