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[edit] History

[edit] Springfield News Thursday, October 10, 1929


President of Council Becomes Mayor Following Death of C. O. Wilson Last Week; Requests Informal Meeting of Officials Friday Evening.

W.P. Tyson is the new mayor of Springfield. He was chosen to fill the office at a special meeting of the Common Council which was held Friday morning just before that body went to Eugene to attend the funeral of the late mayor, C.O. Wilson. Mr. Tyson was president of the Council and had been acting mayor since Mr. Wilson became ill.

Elected to the council in 1926 for a four year term, Mr. Tyson was the senior man on that body.Mr. Tyson is 51 years of age and has been a resident of this city since 1912. His wife is an old Springfield citizen, being one of the daughters of Charles Rivitt, who was also a councilman here at one time. The Tyson's have two daughters, Winifrid who is a sophomore in the school of music at the University, and Muriel, who is in the fourth grade.

Born in England

Oregon claimed Mr. Tyson from the time he arrived in the United States. He was born in England in 1878 and received his education in France. He came to this country in 1903 and has been a resident of various sections of the state since that time.

"I had not intended to remain here," commented Mr. Tyson. "I left Europe with the intention of visiting South Africa where I had a sister. It is very strange haw [sic] various circumstances alter our life plans."

Mr. Tyson is well versed in the French language and offered his services to the government as an interpreter during the last war. He has been employed by the Booth-Kelly company here for 15 years and is now in charge of all the belts which are used in the mill here.

Informal Meeting Friday

An informal meeting of the council will be held Friday night, states Mr. Tyson for the purpose of discussing some of the matters which faces the city officials and which will be taken up at the regular meeting Monday. Another man will have to be selected to take Mr. Tyson's place on the Council. Certain parties are being considered for the vacancy but no announcement will be made of this until a person hase (sic) been selected.

The other members of the Springfield city council are H.J. Cox, W. A. Taylor, and W.C. McLagan. Full membership of the body is four.

[edit] Springfield News November 10, 1932

City Officers Are Retained in Vote

Mayor Thanks Voters for Confidence in City Government; Many Ballots Cast

W.P. Tyson was reelected mayor of Springfield for another term on Tuesday over his opponent

John Parker. His plurality of votes waws 127.

C.F. Barber, and W.A. Taylor were retained as councilmen for four years, each polling more

votes than M. B. Huntly, third candidate... Cross, councilman for 2 years... M. Peterson,

recorder, and ... Buell, treasurere, were retaining their respective offices.

C.E. Wheaton, although unopposed, was given a good vote as justice of the peace for this

district. I. Larimer polled a slightly less vote for constable.

There were 1005 ballots cast for president in the Springfield precincts. This was probably

the greatest votes cast for any one office here and indicates the extent to which residents

exercised their franchise.

Mayor Tyson this morning expressed his thanks to the voters of the city for their support in

the election. The votes given him were taken as an approval of his policies in office by the

mayor who reiterated his previous statements that if left alone now the city, under the plan

being carried forward by himself and City Recorder Peterson, would in time be returned to a

good financial condition.

[edit] Springfield News Thursday October 25, 1934


Heart Failure Takes Leading Springfield Citizen Peacefully At Home Sunday


Schools, Stores To Close, National Guard and Legion To Pay Final Respects Last rites for Wilfrid Percy Tyson, mayor of Springfield, who passed away Sunday evening from what is believed to have been a blood clot to his heart were held this afternoon at the Christian church.

Apparently fully recovered from a serious illness of two winters ago, Mayr Tyson had been leading an active life until Friday evening when he first admitted feeling ill. A slight numbness in his arms had disappeared and he was back at his work at the City hall Saturday morning. That evening the Tyson family were dinner guests at the home offriends on the Lorane highway. Early Sunday morning he again felt ill and that evening at 5:30 he breathed his last in the presence of Mrs. Tyson and their youngest daughter, Muriel. He was not quite 56 years old.

Funeral at Christian Church

Today at 2 o'clock the people of Springfield met at the First Christian church for the funeral services which were conducted by Rev. Veltie Pruitt assisted by Rev. Stark, retired pastor of the Christian church. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Murphy and Mr. and Mrs. Roland Moshier, members of the Murphy-Moshier quartet sang "Sun of My Boat" and "Beneath the Cross of Jesus." I.M. Peterson, Roy Carlton, Lum Anderson, Clayton Barber, D.E. Ferguson, and Glen Robertson were the pall-bearers. Members of the National guard assisted at the funeral and the Springfield American Legion post gave a full military burial at the graveside at Laurel Grove cemetery.

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