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In my opinion, Scratch is an itntresnieg and educational web-site. In my first impression, I thought that the Scratch is not appropriate and enough web-site in order to teach some mathematical concepts. However, throughout my analyzing, I realized that it can be used in the mathematics classrooms. It is an application which lets us create games, videos, animation, stories, arts, and music. Students can create and share their projects in the Scratch. The application might be helpful for students in order develop problem-solving skills, improving how to think creatively and reason systematically.Even if it seems easy to use, it is a little bit confusing for me. There are many wiki links in the web-site if you want to learn how to use the Scratch. Personally, it may take times to learn the Scratch for me. However, I strongly believe that after improving the Scratch skill, a person can create effective and beneficial works in the Scratch. It can be used not only in school but also many other places such as in creating advertisements, community centers. It can be used most age groups. One of the good things is it is free. It might be easy to use many places since it is free. In my opinion, the small issue is about Picoboard’s cost. Even if Picoboard seems very useful tool to be interactive with the user, the fee is $50 for this tool.In addition, the wiki provides some lesson plans in order to incorporate Scratch into the classrooms at elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools. Personally, I think that some lessons plans are really impressive and beneficial but some of them should be improved. For instance, under the title post-secondary education, more detailed information should be given to readers. Since the plan is not enough to understand the concept for me.Overall, I recommend the Scratch. However, even if the page includes many links about the Scratch, more information could be added to the wiki chapter to teach how to use it.

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