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[edit] Lane County

[edit] Coburg

  • Fire at Springfield Booth-Kelly plant causes management to dismantle Coburg plant and

reassemble it to Springfield location. Within 3 weeks, 300 people were without work. Folks went to Mable, Wendling, Springfield, Marcola, Vaughn to find work. Others moved their houses on to bottom land and returned to their farming pioneer roots.

[edit] Springfield

  • The 1912 Sanborn fire insurance maps show a plumbing and tinning shop (Polk 1907:163-177).
  • The 1907 and 1912 Sanborn maps show the majority of Springfield’s businesses on Main Street; except for the intersection of Mill and Main, Mill Street was no longer used as a commercial center. This may be because of the Option Law that was passed in 1906 making it illegal to sell alcohol in the city closed the local saloons on Mill Street.
  • Listed in city directories from 1892 and into the 20th century and noted on the 1907/1912 Sanborn maps area a sash and door factory, planing mill, box factory, match factory and shingle mill. The Sanborn maps show the planing mill and sash and door factory as part of the sawmill complex.
  • In 1912, the farm of Albert Weaver produced enough milk to support a wind-powered cheese factory (Jones 1957:36).
  • By 1912, there was a moving pictures house owned by Joe Bryan in downtown Springfield; vaudeville entertainers appeared there in 1910 (Graham 1978b:5).
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