Morrison, E.E.

From Lane Co Oregon

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Elmer E. Walker
Personal Identity
OccupationHardware Business, Chairman of the Springfield School Board, City Treasurer, Mayor
BirthplacePolk County, Oregon
BirthdateAround 1879
Place of Burial
FamilyVernie C. Morrison (wife), Vernita (daughter)
Personality & Physical nature
Hobbies & Interests
Physical CharacteristicsBrown hair
Social information


[edit] History

Elmer E. Morrison is listed in the Springfield High School Annual on the Board of Education for 1914. He was mayor at least from 1915 to 1918.

[edit] 1910 Census

Morrison, Elmer E. Male, 31 years old. Head of household. Born in Oregon. Father born in Iowa, mother born in Indiana. Occupation: furniture.

Vernie C. Female, 31 years old. Wife. Born in Oregon and both parents born in Oregon.

Vernita. Female, 5 years old. Daughter. Born in Oregon and both parents born in Oregon.

[edit] Unknown Newspaper, November 15, 1915

New Mayor Takes Official Chair

E.E. Morrison, who at noon today became mayor of Springfield, has been a resident of the place for the past six years, the greater part of which time he has been engaged in the hardware business. The past year or more, however, he has been promoting the potato industry of this part of Oregon by the placing seed potatoes, and buying and shipping the product. Lst year the crop of potatoes shipped from Springfield amounted to about 40 or 50 carloads. This year, largely through Mr. Morrison's efforts, the crop will reach 75 to 100 carloads. His company has already shipped three carloads this fall, and it has approximately 5000 sacks of the tubers in the warehouse awaiting sorting and packing in the labeled sacks whichcarry the name of the potato, anda number identifying the grower.

Mr. Morrison was born in Polk county 36 years ago, and has lived in Oregon all his life. He was in business in Heppner at the time of the lfood (sic, flood) a number of years ago, which did so much damage.

Since coming to Springfield, Mr. Morrison has been active in promoting the business interests of the town, nd has served on the school board for three years and as city treasurer for three years.

[edit] The Quest, Friday, March 3, 1916

Friday, March 3, 1916 in The Quest (1916) newspaper of Florence states "E.E.Morrison, mayor of Springfield, was in Florence Wednesday on his way to Coos Bay.

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