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John B. Innis
Personal Identity
OccupationCarpenter, Mayor of Springfield
BirthplaceRipley County, Indiana
BirthdateMay 5, 1833
DeathMarch 24, 1915
Place of BurialOregon
FamilyJames Innis (Father), Rachel Blunk (Mother), Press Innis (brother), Mary Jane Paugh (wife), Mary Olive Innis (eldest daughter), Isaac Innis, John Taylor Innis, and Squire Innis (sons). Eliza Innis (second wife, died by October, 1908)
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[edit] History

[edit] Early History

John B. Innis was born to James Innis and Rachel Blunk Innis on May 5, 1833 in Ripley County, Indiana and had a brother named Press Innis. He married at the age of 21 to Mary Jane Plaugh on March 29, 1855 in Ripley County. They had four children: Mary Olive Innis, Isaac Innis, John Taylor Innis, and Squire Innis. Some confusion happens in records because he is shown to have married on November 19 1864 in Ripley County also. This may be the same person.

"John B. was raised on a farm and received a common school education... In September, 1865 he moved from Indiana to Missouri and first located in Benton County, from whence in about a year he came to Bates County. He bought his present farm in the fall of 1871, and moved upon it the following spring. Mr. Innis has 80 acres of land which he improved himself, and owns one of the best orchards in the county, containing 45 acres. He has 40 acres in an apple orchard and 5 acres in other fruits consisting of peaches, cherries, pears, plums and so on. He resides in Section 16. He is a Republican and was elected justice of the peace of his township in the spring of 1874, being re-elected twice by good majorities for the 6 years tenure of office in all. He is a member of the Patrons of Husbandry."

-Hist. of Cass & Bates City, Missouri Biographical Sketches of Summit Township, p. 1267

His wife was Eliza. In 1903 she was very ill. he had to take off work to take care of her. Her mother moved in to do the housework. She died of an enlarged liver. Press was a railroad boss. 1920 a letter from Squire Innis in Tulare, California. In the 1912 Lane County Directory under Lane County. Taxpayer lists J.B. Innis is shown as having paid $500 in Creswell.

Jasper, Lane County, Oregon (check to see if there is anything)

LaGrande, Oregon

Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon

Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon

Creswell, Lane County, Oregon

Youngcalla, Oregon (where Eliza was buried)

Squire was administer of John's estate. John had drank heavily before dying. There is a record of burial for Squire Innis, Jennette Innis, and Robert Innis at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lane Co. Oregon.

He had 6 children according to records of Dottie Minnear.

[edit] Letter, December 10, 1900

We the Canvassing board xxxxx after canvassing the vote find the offices elected areas follows

J B Innis Mayor 2 years

Geo McCauley Councilman 2 "

H. A. Skeels " 2 "

W. A. Taylor " 1 "

E. C. Martin Recorder 1 "

J. W. Stewart Treasurer 1 "

V W Harshbarger

President - Council

F. E. Roberts


[edit] Springfield News, January 11, 1907 Vol. V, No. 50, p. 4


5 acres in West Springfield, sandy bottom land good for garden. 384 acres 9 miles south west of Eugene. Good 8-room house and out buildings. 125 acres in cultivation, 200 more can be cultivated. All well fenced. Some timber on the place. Bottom land, spring water piped to house. A bargain at $16.00 per acre. 2 new houses and 10 lots in Springfield, price $2,000 on easy terms. House and lot in South Springfield, price $450.

A well improved place on West B street xxxxxxx and buildings, fruit and xxxxree xxxx Price $1,800.

J.B. INNIS, East Main St. Springfield, Ore.

[edit] Springfield News, "History in the Remaking." Wednesday, October 23, 1991

Amy and E. Maude carved out a 50-foot-by-119-foot lot and sold it to John B. Innis for $150 on February 9, 1892. Innis and his wife, Mary, immediately borrowed $250 to build the two-story house that still stands at 637 B Street, Springfield. In October 1908, Innis, a widower by then, sold the house to J.P. Fry for $1,000.

Almost a century has passed, but the house, part of the Washburn Historic Landmark District, is still known as the Innis House. And it is seeing new life under the ownership of Blake Hastings, a local real estate broker whose family has lived in Springfield for four generations.

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