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[edit] January

[edit] January 11

January 11, 1907 (Springfield News), Vol. V, No. 50.

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"Again in Operation"

The old mill whistle disturbed the peaceful slumbers of many Monday

morning; the first time in over a week, but it was a welcome noise, for all

Springfield is glad to see the mill running full blast once more. The effects

of its closing is soon felt by our businessmen, for its operation means

several hundred dollars a day, distributed among our citizens.

The Booth-Kelly mill is a great industry and is wholly responsible for

Springfield's rapid growth. The company is censored and criticized

cursed and abused by the unreasonable and weak minded, but after all

we could not do without it. It is our only means of support and the only

resource whereby over two-thirds of our citizens, directly or indirectly, get

their livelihood. We have no right to censure this company for what they

do that does not quite meet with our approval but should stand by them

through thick and thin for what they have done for us.


"Good Bargain"

- 53 acre farm 3 miles east of Springfield, all improved. A good place at


1 1/2 acre place on county road north of school house for $300.

House and one-half block in Springfield on east B street. This place will

just suit you. Don't forget to look at it if you want a home. This is the

town to buy in. Other town property for sale. - J. B. Innis. Agent.


[edit] Page 4

Tensorial Parlor and Bathroom

INNIS & McCollum, Props.

Everything new and up-to-date. First-class work guaranteed. We are here

to please the public.

Bathroom always neat and clean.

Agents for Eugene Steam Laundry.

Springfield, Oregon


"The Quality Store"

Paul Bettelheim Company

The Springfield Store

Remember This... NO BRANCH Remember This...

The Old Saying, "In time of Peace Prepare for War"

Can be until and in more places than in the


We wish to have you prepare your Spring and Summer wear NOW. It is

true that the weather is cold, but "In Time of Peace Prepare for War."

When the other weather is on it is to late. We have Laces, Embroideries,

Ribbons and all such goods in good and large assortments and

PRICES to Suit all Purses, Yours Truly, Paul Bettelheim Company.




WhiteElephantLiveryBarn WINZENRIED & BANGS

Good Service, Fair Treatment and Moderate Rates Springfield-Eugene Buss and Transfer. First class turnouts. Special attention to Commercial travelers. We solicit your patronage.


By a vote of the people at the last election, local option carried and the

saloons were wiped out of our thriving little city as a result. By a majority

vote, the people have said that they do not want liquor sold in the county.

Since the election the News has carried out of town liquor ad's but we

have decided to discontinue all such ads in the future, or, at least for the

time being and await results.



[edit] Page 5

The News is not quite up to standard this week owing to the editor losing

a day. One day has certainly escaped our notice, we know not how, but

it has gone. Therefore our news columns are lacking, not for want of

news but for time to prepare it.

FOR SALE- One of the best residence lots in Springfield. South and

west front 66 x 120. Only three blocks from Main street. Price $200.

- FOR SALE- New four-room house and two lots in north-east part of

town. Can be bought on the installment plan at a bargain. Inquire at the

News office.


The heavy rains last Wednesday and Thursday caused the Willamette to

overflow its banks and completely flood West Springfield. THere was no

damage done further the carrying off fences, wood piles and small out

buildings and causing the families to seek higher and dryer quarters.


Messrs Innis and McCullum have decided to retire from the confectionery

and cigar business and in the future devote their entire time to their

tonsorial parlors. Within the next week they will make considerable of a

change in the interior of their building. The old doors will be taken out and

replaced by a full glass front and the partition will be moved back about

twelve feet giving them more room than they now have. The shop will be

moved to the front and the partition will be moved back about twelve feet

giving them more room than they now have. The shop will be moved to

the front of the building and another bath room added. The entire shop

will have a fresh coat of paint and paper and when completed will be as

good as the best.


Miss Clara Ansorge, a National Associate and Y organizer, a branch of

the W.C.T.U. for young people, will lecture Monday evening, January 14,

at the Baptist church. Her visit here is for the purpose of organizing a Y.

Let all the people of the town come out and hear the lecture.

[edit] Page 8

People's Meat Market

Perkins & Stewart, prop.



Fresh Beef, Pork, Veal and Mutton Always on hand

Free Delivery to all Parts of the City Phone 143.

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