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[edit] Obituary, Resource Unknown, Thursday, May 26, 1932

[Picture of Mark M. Peery]

[Comments below] Mark M. Peery, early day settler and businessman of Springfield who passed away at his home Sunday morning.

Early Resident Passes Sunday

Pioneer Springfield Druggest Buried at Scio Tuesday: Judge Rutherford Speaks

Mark M. Peery, colorful character in the early life of Springfield, is dead. He passed away at his home at 506 F Street Sunday morning after a lingering affliction.

Mr. Peery was born at Scio, Oregon, on July 30, 1868. His parents were early Oregon pioneers having crossed the plains to Scio in 1852 where they established one of the first sawmills in that section of the state.

He married Miss Adda Morris also of Scio, and a daughter of parents who crossed the plains about 1852, on September 19, 1889, and operated a drug store there for several years before moving the (sic) Springfield.

The family moved to Springfield in 1903 where Peery established the drug store now owned by F.B. Flanery. He sold this business in 1919 to the present owner and was engaged in a number of positions until 1929 when he purchased a drug store in Portland and operated this for almost one year before selling it and moving back to this city. He then spent some time traveling with a line of drug store supplies.

Civic and community affairs greatly interested Mr. Peery in the early days of this city. He served as mayor of Springfield for several years about twenty-two years ago.

Surviving Mr. Peery is his widow, Adda Peery, one son, Dr. Harold Peery, Eugene, one daughter, Mrs. Paul B. Smith, Portland; two sisters, Mrs. Effie South and Mrs. Wayne Davenport, and three brothers, Robert E., Rex, and Roy, all of Scio; and one grandchild, Jean Cox of Portland.

Graveside funeral services were held at Franklin Butte cemetery near Scio Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Judge Rutherford of Corvallis gave the eulogy.

Poole-Gray-Bartholomew chapel in Springfield had charge of the funeral arrangements.

[edit] Eugene Daily Guard, Tue December 8, 1903

Springfield Election

Citizens, Ticket Won by Good Majority - Issues Involved Not Shown on Surface.

Springfield held an election for city officials yesterday and after an exciting election has settled down to business again.

The citizens' ticket made a clean sweep, electing all their candidates by a good majority.While the election was supposed tobe on the temperance question, yetthis was not the case as the real is-sues involved did not show up on the surface. The vote stood as follows:

For mayor -

Dr. R. A. Jayne ... 73

E.C. Martin ... 52

Councilmen, two years' term

M.M. Peery ... 75

J. D. Cox ... 73

W. M. Sutton ... 50

J. T. Tuffs ... 52

Councilmen, one year term -

Henry Sinner ... 72

Milton Bally ... 35

For recorder -

E. Sxxxxxxx ... 75

L. E. Thompson ... 49

B.A. Washburne, for treasurer, was on both tickets and he received the full vote cast, 125.

[edit] Eugene Daily Guard, December 3, 1907 Newspaper Clip




At the Springfield city election yesterday the "taxpayers" or "wet" ticket won over the "citiens" ticket by a good majority. Both sides voted for George Perkins for councilman and B.A. Washburne for treasurer, but on the other candidates there was the usual opposition, John Kestley was put up by the "wets" for councilman to run against Perkins, but he withdrew his name before the election. M. M. Peery, the druggist, is the new mayor, succeeding R.A. Jayne. The old council consisted of the followinig: H.W. Stewart, E.E. Kepner, E.C. Martin and Henry Sinner. The election is an endorsement of the old council, as the new mayor and council were elected on the same platform upon which they stood. The vote was as follows.

Taxpayers' Ticket

Mayor M.M. Peery... 137

Councilman, Harry Stewart... 129

Councilman, George Perkins... 188

Councilman, Nate Hill... 131

Recorder, L.M. Beebe... 124

Treasurer, B.A. Washburne... 203

Citizens' Ticket.

Mayor, G.O. Bassett... 81

Councilman, J.J. Browning... 83

Councilman, George Perkins... 188

Councilman, Henry Cogill... 87

Recorder, George McCauley... 93

Treasurer, B.A. Washburne... 202

The total number of votes cast was 219.

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January 11, 1907 (Springfield News), Vol. V, No. 50., p. 8.

[edit] Bulletin of Pharmacy, 1908

Bulletin of Pharmacy, v. 22, 1908 (Detroit: E. G. Swift, Medical Publisher, 1908), page 208.

To the Editor: I wish to compliment you on the general excellence of your publication. I am a subscriber to a number of drug publications, but got more good, practical information out of the BULLETIN than all the rest put together. M. M. PEERY. Springfield, Oregon.

[edit] 1910 Census

329. PERRY (sic), Mark M. Male, 41, head of household, Born in Oregon and both parents born in US. Occupation: Druggist.

Addie M., Female, 41. Wife. Born in Oregon and both parents born in Missouri. Occupation: Saleswoman

Harold, Male, 17, son, Born in Oregon, both parents born in Oregon.

[edit] Eugene Daily Guard, November 3, 1913


Prohibition Forces Win by Majority of 58


Nearly Entire Citizens' Ticket Is Elected - Hot Fight Closes

Violent partisan feeling ran high in Springfield today as an aftermath of the particularly bitter election fight that has been waged in the neighboring city. Many waited until the entire vote was counted at a late hour this morning and there is some talk of contesting the election. Reports to the contrary are also circulated and it is not known definitely as to what the ultimate action will be. The "drys" are naturally jubilant over the 58 majority which rendered the city saloonless and the "wet" interests are just as full of gloom.

Charles L. Scott was elected mayor over B.A. Washburne by 38 votes and an entire landslide for the Citizens' ticket followed with the exception of Mark Peery, who was elected councilman.

The women took an active interest in both the campaign and the election, polling about 400 votes out of the 1000 cast at the election.

Here is the Result

The result of the final count is as follows:

For Mayor - Charles L. Scott, citizens' ticket. 508. B. A. Washburne, people's progressive ticket, 470.

For councilmen- two elected) J. Randolph Barr, people's progressive ticket, 467; J.W. Coffin, citizen's ticket, 481; Mark Peery, people's progressive ticket, 481; Thomas Sikes, people's progressive ticket, 463.

For Recorder - John C. Mullen people's progressive ticket, 437; Herbert E. Walker, citizen's ticket, 517.

For Treasurer - Lillian Gorrie, citize's ticket, 508; E.R. Lemley, people's progressive ticket, 446.

For Prohibition - 502; against prohibition 444.

Charter Amendment - The common council shall not grant any license for the sale of intoxicating liquor, yes, 440. no, 482.

Paving Street Intersections - Yes, 385. no, 429.

To levy a tax to help support a band, yes, 477. no, 354.

Repealing assessment for the paving of Fifth Street, yes 360, no, 410.

Closing moving picture shows on Sunday evenings, yes 401. No, 517.

Imposing a license fee on theatres, moving picture shows and like entertainments, yes 470. no, 558.

[edit] Burial

Mark M. Peery was buried in 1932 in Franklin Butte Cemetery, Linn County, Oregon. His wife was placed beside him twelve years later.

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