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  • Skating Rink is built. The 1907 Sanborn map shows a skating rink on Main Street. It was later moved to a site on the river at South D Street.
  • Population of Springfield is 1800. Growth of the city is illustrated by a 1907 ordinance that required all houses to be numbered (Graham 1978d).
  • First automobile arrives in Springfield.
  • By 1907 there were 34 businesses in the area that included a jewelry shop, confectionery and cigar store (Polk 1907:163-177). A plumber is listed for the year 1907.
  • The 1907 and 1912 Sanborn maps show the majority of Springfield’s businesses on Main Street; except for the intersection of Mill and Main, Mill Street was no longer used as a commercial center. This may be because of the Option Law that was passed in 1906 making it illegal to sell alcohol in the city closed the local saloons on Mill Street.
  • In 1907, an article in the Springfield News reported on the city’s efforts to beautify the town. In response to a nation-wide program organized by the American Tree Association, the Springfield Civic Club sponsored the planting of 400 trees within the city limits. A “tree planting army” of volunteers from all manner of social organizations participated in the movement.
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