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First Christian Church
Building Description
ConstructionSeptember 19, 1948
ArchitectPercy D. Bentlay
Original Owner
Initial UseChurch
Square Footage
Address4th and North A streets
Zip Code97477
Historical Importance Distinctions
Early historical church


[edit] History

[edit] Foundation to 1904

Springfield Christian Church dates to the 1860s. It is affiliated with the Pioneer Cemetery, which was formally established in 1866, even though a grave stone dated 1848 indicates the burial site may have been used much earlier.

Old church rolls of the Springfield First Christian indicate that a congregation was formed sometime before 1872. The old church roll shows that Mary Ann Spencer and P.M. McPhearson were members of the congregation before their marriage in that year. Dates on the tombstones in the old church yard indicate the cemetery was in use as early as the death of James Mackey in 1848. Three of the six names which are given as forming the cemetery association in October 1866, appear on the earliest church roll. In 1873 the denomination ran a school (Murphy 1873:254). Records show there was an election of officers and re-organization on December 31, 1879.

The Christian Church was erected near the Pioneer Cemetery on Willamette Heights in 1880 (Graham 1878c). None of these early church buildings have survived. The first church building was located on the hill south of the old railroad tracks, on land donated by Isaac Briggs, founder of Springfield. This building was completed in 1880 according to records by P.J. McPherson, clerk at the time.

[edit] 1905 to 1924

On lot 4 of block 41, the First Christian Church was built and remained there until approximately 1905 when it moved to it's present street location at 4th and North A streets. It was remodeled and an addition was made in 1907. That structure burned in 1922 and the congregation met upstairs in a building at the corner od 3rd Street and Main Street until 1924 when the new building was completed.

[edit] 1924 to 1981

This building burned the last Sunday in December, 1945.

The cornerstone was laid for the new buildings on Sunday March 23, 1947 at 3:00 P.M. at 4th anf North "A" Streets. Percy D. Bentlay was the architect and W.H. Shields was the contractor. It is a fire-proof building, constructed of masonry blocks. The sanctuary is simple, yet beautiful in its design. The church was dedicated on September 19, 1948.

The Springfield Christian Church was chosen to be shown in model and picture at the International Convention of Christian Churches in 1948 at San Francisco, California. It was the model church of the year because of its harmonious styling anf its modern functional design.

In 1972 it became necessary to expand this building again. The mortgage was burned on January 11, 1976.

The Springfield Church has grown to its present participating membership of 414. During the pastoral leadership of James Fraley, the church provided leadership and financial assistance for the establishment of the Northwood Christian Church of Springfield in 1962.

Members of the church have actively served on the Regional Board and its committees and commissions. During his ministey at Springfield, Earl Gibbs served as President of the Christian Church in Oregon in 1970; Marjorie Moshier served as State Chairman for Children's Work; Rae Nell directed the C.W.F. Retreat at Menucha in 1971; Zola Ehlers chaired the C.W.F. 1976 Dall Retreats; and Sharon Warner is vice president of the Christian Church in Oregon for 1976 to 1977. Some have served at Northwest Christian College; Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Moon and Hattie Mitchell were missionaries in the Belgian Congo, and the present pastor, Ed McIndoo was president of the Turner Christian Convention for 1977. Mr. McIndoo began his ministry at the Springfield Church on January 15, 1975.

In November, 1977 Arlene Peightal became the Associate Pastor of the Church with special assignments in areas of Christian education. In April, 1980 she was elected president of the Christian Church in Oregon.

[edit] Ministers

[edit] Beginning to 1904

Erickson, 1895 preached first on the hill.

J.A.C. Cook, March 21, 1880. One year.

Rufus Callison

I.N. Mulkey, 1896.

Rev. Looney to work for provisions and house rent.

D.E. Olson, 1901

Dr. Moon preached one sermon on the hill.

J.B. Holmes, Evangelist, church reorganized October 1903

L.D. Green, 1904. Preached first and third Sunday for a year.

[edit] 1905 to 1924

J.M. Orrick, 1906. Hired for $400 a year.

E.J. Emmons, 1907. He filled in after Orrick.

Frank Titus.

E.C. Wigmore, April 6, 1908 to August 24, 1916. He died in office at 54 years old.

Chris Jensen 1916 to 1917. He entered World War I.

Teddy Leavitt and Linda Leavitt, J.S. McCallum, 1917.

S. Earl Childers, 1918.

A.G. Sayter, 1922 to 1923. First church burned.

Jim Pointer 1924.

S. Earl Childers preached again. This time from 1925 to 1928.

R.L. Dunn, 4 months in 1929

Veltie Pruitt, 1929 to 1935. He resigned to go to the Eugene Church.

Ren Hollister filled in, 1935.

I.G. Shaw, 1935.

[edit] 1924 to 1980

Claude O'Brien, 1935 to 1950.

Dr. E.R. Mooon, 1950 to 1953.

Howard Larson preached for a short time.

Ernest Worden, October 1, 1953 to September 30, 1955

Howard Larsen, 1956 to 1957.

Jim Fraley, November 23, 1958 to 1964.

Ward Rice temporarily filled in.

J.E. Metcalf, 1964 for 4 months.

C. Earl Gibbs, June 21, 1964 to June 23, 1974.

Robert Powell filled in.

Ward Rice was interim from 1974 to 1975.

Ed McIndoo, 1975 to 1981.

[edit] 1981 to Present

Hensley, interim, November, 1981 to May, 1982.

David Decker, June 27, 1982 to June 1, 1986.

David Eggelston, 1 month

Dr. Carlton Buck, interim, July 13, 1986.

Barry Stater-West, August 2, 1987 to August 2, [[1992].

Frederick Evans, interim September 13, 1992 to June 6, 1993.

Dr. Sean P. Harry, June 13, 1993 to July 31, 1998.

Michael Kennedy, Interim, August 1, 1998 to April 30, 1999

Jim & Sharron Kay Womack, 1999 to 2006

Earl Gibbs, Interim, September, 2006 to July 2007

Erin Curtis, July 15, 2007 to Present.

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