Pioneer Cemetery (Springfield)

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Pioneer Cemetery is used as early as 1852 with Elias Briggs' children in 1866 and is located off South 5th Street in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon.

On lot 4 of block 41, the Springfield First Christian Church dates to the 1860s. It is affiliated with the Pioneer Cemetery, which was formally established in 1866, even though a grave stone dated 1848 indicates the burial site may have been used much earlier.

The plaque at the front of the entrance states the following:

The Pioneer Cemetery grounds were in use as early as 1852, with the burial of Elias Brigg's children. In 1866, Harvey Small, Edwin Powers and T.J. Brattain were selected trustees by a town meeting. Elias Briggs and his wife Mary, executed and delivered the cemetery deed to the trustees on October 31, 1866. Lane County Cemetery Association papers were filed.

In 1872, Springfield was surveyed and platted, and the cemetery was platted as block 41; the total area being roughly two acres. The cemetery continued to be used for burial purposes until about 1900.

First Christian Church moved around 1905 to its present street location at 4th and North A streets.

On July 22, 1913, because of an incorrect description of the property, a suit was filed in Circuit Court of Lane County; the resulting decree conveyed the cemetery to the Town of Springfield. The mayor and members of the common council and their successors, were then appointed trustees of the cemetery.

On June 28, 1915, the city council recommended that the cemetery be surveyed and fenced. From this date until 1972, very little was done for the improvement of the cemetery. On February 7, 1973, the City of Springfield undertook a beautification project and renovated the cemetery to honor Springfield's pioneer families.

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