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[edit] Lane County

[edit] Coburg

Fire destroys 4 blocks of downtown Coburg.

[edit] Eugene

In 1915, the Producer’s Market in Eugene, managed by farmers, secured the local market for fresh produce and provided a sound economic base for the growers (Forster 1983:14).

[edit] Springfield

  • Many people feared that dogs were carrying rabies. In 1915 the City council discussed an ordinance that would keep dogs on leashes. The people of Springfield petition this law. People thought that dogs should be allowed to drive cattle through the city.
  • In 1915, an electric mill was constructed in Springfield and thrived through the late 1950's.
  • Between 1883 and 1893 in Springfield, the number of businesses tripled from thirteen establishments to 35, and by 1915, the number had grown to 55 (McKenny 1883:1090-1091; Obenauer 1892:161-169; Polk 1915:419-420).
  • In 1915, Polk’s City Directory listed a number of enterprises indicative of Springfield’s maturity as a business center. There was a general hospital, publishing association and a land and investment company. Professional services included an optician, two dentists, five doctors and three lawyers.
  • A small crossroads community called Thurston coalesced at the corner of Thurston Road and 66th Street (formerly called Russell Road) during this period (McArthur 1944:510).
  • A garage, presumably for auto repair, is listed in the Springfield city directory for 1915.
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