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[edit] Lane County

[edit] Coburg

  • Springfield dams the McKenzie for hydro-electric energy, effectively eliminating river logging to Coburg.
  • New School for Coburg that is 3 stories and includes high school with a cafeteria in the basement. It was built where the current fire hall is located.

[edit] Springfield

  • In 1911, a city-sponsored organization known as “Permanent Improvement” was responsible for repairing the road network of the town. Many of the muddy, rutted streets were graded, and Main Street was macadamized from Mill to 10th Streets (Graham 1978b:6).
  • Booth-Kelly built and leased a steam plant to the Oregon Power Company in 1911. Later that year, a fire burned down everything on the Booth-Kelly site except the steam plant.
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