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Coburg, Oregon was founded near the site of a Calapooia [or Kalapooya] Indian village along the McKenzie River. According to Oregon Geographic Names (OGN), the city was originally called Diamond after John Diamond, an early pioneer in the area 1847, on whose land claim the city was located. OGN noted that the city's present-day name comes from a stallion that was named after the Coburg district of Bavaria, Germany, from whence the horse had been imported.

It was not only John Diamond but Jacob Spores who settled the new community. The small community gained fame for a beautiful stallion imported from Coburg Germany by a local blacksmith. The horse had such a reputation that the blossoming town was soon known simply as "Coburg." A fascinating heritage has awarded the City of Coburg recognition as a National Historic District, encompassing over 187 sites and structures.

The city of Coburg comprises the Coburg Historic District (reference #86000036) and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. The period of significance of the buildings in the district dates back to 1875.

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