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[edit] Lane County

[edit] Coburg

  • Coburg incorporated under the Home Rule Charter (either February 10 or Feb. 12th 1893) in order to hire a night watchman.

[edit] Eugene

Daily Eugene Guard (1893)

[edit] Springfield

  • An opera house on Main Street was built in 1893, in which traveling shows as well as local musicians performed.
  • Between 1883 and 1893, the number of businesses tripled from thirteen establishments to 35, and by 1915, the number had grown to 55 (McKenny 1883:1090-1091; Obenauer 1892:161-169; Polk 1915:419-420).

[edit] December

Saturday December 9, 1893. The Oregon State Journal

The Willamette River at Eugene at 2 o'clock last Saturday morning, Dec. 2, was 20 feet above low water mark, which was the highest since the great flood of 1890 when it was 22 feet and 1 inch.

At the election at Springfield last Monday the following officers were elected: Mayor M. Van Schoich; councilmen >W. Stewart and C.H. Hunt; recorder, A. Walker; treasurer, Mr Beattie. The marshal will be appointed by the mayor.

The U.S. grand jury at Portland, Dec. 6, returned 27 indictments against persons for smuggling Chinese into the United States. Among the number is Glenn O. Holman, a lawyer well known at Baker City, Eugene and other places where he has resided.

Mr. Buck, formerly of Junction and Eugene, died at the residents of his daughter, Mrs. Estes, near Cottage Grove, of inflammation of the bwels, Nov. 20, 1893. He was about 77 years old. His son, B.H. Buck, who went to California some time ago, lived in Eugene several years. He worked in this office as a printer and was a member of the Methodist church choir. Afterwards he worked at the depot and a short time in Yamhill county. The old gentleman whose death is now announced was a very plain, quiet old man, honest, industrious, and highly esteemed by his acquaintances.

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