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In addition to wheat, a brochure on Lane County development dated 1880 (Eugene City Board of Trade 1880), listed a number of crops that were produced in the county – oats, barley/rye, hay, corn, flax see, hops, potatoes, apples, dairy products, wool, horses, cattle, sheep and swine. Small fruits culture such as berry farming was noted in the area; the J.J. Poill Farm grew currants, goose berries, raspberries and strawberries. In the 1880s, hops became commercially important with the opening of breweries in Portland and Vancouver.

According to Highsmith (1950:55-58), the average farm size in Lane County in 1880 was 301.5 acres. Fencing was common and ditching and draining of the wet prairie areas opened up more land for cultivation.


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