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Thomas "T.J." Jefferson Brattain, son of Paul Brattain and Elizabeth Martha (CARTER), was born January 2, 1829 in Morgan County, Illinois. He married on June 30 probably in Lane County to Permelia Jean or Jane Gillespie who was born 1838 in Missouri. In 1866, Harvey Small, Thomas Thomas and family are said to have crossed the plains from Iowa to Oregon in 1850 (hco). Thomas Jefferson Brattain was elected Sheriff of Lane County in 1862 and served until February, 1864, when he resigned. Edwin Powers and T.J. Brattain were selected trustees by a town meeting to the Pioneer Cemetery of Springfield. He was one of the early pioneers to Klamath Co., returned to the Willamette Valley, and in 1873, moved to Chewaucan Valley in Lake Co. (hco). He became the first Sheriff of Lake County from 1876 to 1878 (lcs). He died December 2, 1909 in Paisley, Lake County, Oregon and interred Paisley Cemetery. Permelia died ca June 11 1913 and also was interred Paisley Cemetery. She had been living with son Hazen in 1910. Although Permelia's death is not in Oregon di, only one death certificate was listed for Lake Co. in 1913 whereas more were listed in adjacent years. Thus, it seems likely some may have been overlooked in some way.

Their children were:

Celeste Maude BRATTAIN, born on May 20, 1860 in Springfield. She died in Paisley. She was married to James Small on December 5 1880.

Elden M. Brattain was born around 1862 in Oregon and died January 19th, 1935 in Lake County. He had married Myrtle Best. She was probably the daughter of J.C. and Anetta Best and was born in 1875 or 1878.

Bratt H.A. or Hazen? August or Hagen Adelbert Brattain was born September 1864. He died September 21, 1930 and interred in Paisley Cemetery.

Paul Jacob BRATTAIN Sr. (cem), born February 19 1870 (di) Phoenix, Jackson Co, (gp) OR (di) died April 14 1948 (or 1954 in Paisley, Lake County or Napa County, California. He is said to have married January 1899 Grace Geneva MERCER, daughter of James MERCER and Harriet (WARREN), born March 11 1879 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, died January 2 1948 (di) Paisley (gp) Lake Co., OR (di).

[edit] Land Claims

A Thomas or Thomas Jefferson Brattain had numerous land claims in Lane and Lake counties: Lane Co. 22 Mar 1866 Oregon City #1568, Lake Co. 5 April 1878, Linkton #96, 19 April 1894 Lakeview #1800, 26 Dec 1896 Lakeview #668, and 28 Oct 1904 Lakeview 3653 (blm records). Permelia J. Brattain filed Lake Co., Lakeview 8 April 1909 #244 (blm).

Hazen Brattain also had a number of land claims all Lakeview, 28 Oct 1904 3652, 17 Feb 1906 3652, 30 March 1908 214, 29 April 1918 628079, 2 Jan 1923 891958, and 19 April 1927 1000338.

See land claims for Eldon and Paul under their entries.

Paul, Grace, Thomas J. and Ruth Brattain are with Haren in the 1930 census.

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