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[edit] Springfield

[edit] Businesses

  • Nalley’s potato chip plant expands in 1953.
  • Communication systems also experienced some change during this period. The Springfield News was the community’s primary newspaper, continuing its weekly format until it changed to a twice-a-week format in 1953.

[edit] Education

  • In 1953, the Springfield school district purchased a 10-acre site on Hayden Bridge Road for the new Elizabeth C. Page grade school, to duplicate the recent Westside School. Ten classrooms were added to the Westside School and the school board ordered yet more classrooms. The enrollment that fall reached 5,498 (Springfield News 1953).

[edit] Organizations

  • The women's organization, the Altrusa Club, starts a local chapter in 1953.
  • Two new churches were organized in 1953 – the Bethel Assembly of God and the Greek Orthodox Church – and a new tabernacle was under construction for the Seventh Day Adventist (Springfield News 1953).

[edit] Transportation

  • Traffic on the South A by-pass would head east and Main Street would become one-way, heading west. Work on the project, however, did not begin until early 1953; South A officially opened in November that year. At that time, a decision was made that a second vehicle bridge across the Willamette River would coincide with the South A by-pass route (Springfield News 1946, 1950, 1953)
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