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[edit] Lane County

By 1955, the total number of mills had dropped to 99 as smaller mills closed, but overall production increased as a number of mills became larger and more diversified. Production increased from just over three million board-feet in 1940 to about a billion and a half in 1955 (USFS 1957: 33-34).

[edit] Springfield

  • By 1955, the total number of permits issued for that year was 473 with a value of more than $2,000,000.
  • Although the total number of mills was dropping county-wide, the 1955 Springfield directory indicates the addition of a number of new timber-related operations, including the Hal Andrus, Armstrong, Clements, Cusstom, Diamond, Square-Deal, Swanson, Transit, and Walden lumber companies (Johnson 1955).
  • The need for a new sewage plant was identified in 1941, but not realized until 1955 even though all new developments during this period were required to install sewer lines.
  • Springfield’s gridded street system within the 1955 city limits may also be considered historic, having developed over the years from the first town platting in 1856.

[edit] January

By January 1955, enrollments in Springfield schools had climbed to over 5,550 and would continue to climb substantially throughout the year. Work began on additions to Westside, Page and Springfield Junior High schools and the Westside School was renamed Moffitt to honor Laurence Moffitt, the late Assistant Superintendent of Schools (Springfield News 1955). By the end of the year, the Springfield News reported that the school district population had exploded to more than 8,000 students (Springfield News 1956).

[edit] May

[edit] Natron

Natron Mills, Inc. expanded again in 1955 when a new plywood plant was constructed (Springfield News 1954, 1955). A new medical center, with office space for five physicians and two dentists, opened near the hospital later in 1955 (Springfield News 1955).

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