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[edit] Lane County

In 1940 Lane County had 78 active mills.

[edit] Springfield

[edit] Businesses

  • Much of Springfield’s growth between 1940 and 1955 was driven by industrial expansion. The timber industry, which remained the town’s primary industry, grew substantially during this period at first in response to war-related needs, then in response to the building boom following the war.
  • Rosboro Lumber Co. was established at the end of 1940 and was publicized as “one of the largest and most modern sawmills in the state” (Special Collections n.d.:Box 66/20, Folder 6A).
  • In 1940, there were only three physicians in town.

[edit] Education

  • In 1940, the schools in the area included Brattain (grades 1-4), Lincoln (grades 5-8), Maple, Thurston, Hayden Bridge, Mohawk, and Glenwood.

[edit] Organizations

Several churches were organized and buildings constructed or enlarged during this time period. The 1940 business directory indicates that there were five churches in Springfield and one in Thurston at that time. These included the First Baptist, First Christian (one in Springfield, one in Thurston), Free Methodist, Methodist, and Assembly of God churches (Polk 1940).

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