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[edit] Lane County

  • Fruit, nut and cannery crops continued to be primary crops, with overall acreage expanding through 1947, the peak year. Filberts, walnuts, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, and plums/prunes were common orchard crops (Duerr 1980: 72). Beans, potatoes, carrots and corn were common truck crops. Flax also continued to be an important crop as it was used for the war effort to make linen thread for parachutes, fire hoses, and to sew leather shoes.

[edit] Natron

Mt. June Forest Products Company built a sawmill at Natron in 1947.

[edit] Springfield

[edit] Businesses

  • Growth continued through the rest of the decade with several new business ventures. In 1947, a number of small specialty shops opened, as did a new grocery store, the Varsity Theater, two new restaurants, and a 15-unit motor court known as the Springfield Car-Tel.
  • Booth-Kelly donated $25,000 for Willamalane Park grounds improvements (sewer, grading, and fencing) and a wading pool in 1947.

[edit] Education

  • In 1947, a $250,000 bond was set for new school facilities, which was to include the construction of additional classrooms to existing buildings and the construction of new schools. Construction of a new Maple School, at 21st and E Streets, was begun and the area surrounding the new school was annexed into Springfield.

[edit] Organizations

  • In 1947, construction began on the new building for the recently destroyed First Christian Church (Springfield News 1947).

[edit] Glenwood

The Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital and a war surplus store opened in Glenwood that year.

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