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[edit] Springfield

  • The council passed an ordinance in 1942 governing blackout procedures during the war, organized an air warden system and acquired an air raid whistle.
  • The City of Springfield joined the Aircraft Warning Service Observation Tower. The service was a chain of observation posts stretched across the West Coast from Mexico to Canada.
  • Although construction of new buildings was somewhat restricted during the war (the national “Stop Order” for building construction, which limited residential construction to homes under $500, farm buildings to less than $1000 and commercial, industrial and recreational structures to less than $5000, was issued in April 1942), growth continued in large part in response to the war. This federal mandate restricted communities to “allotments” of houses which could be constructed during the war and further restricted those that were built to a value of $500 or less (Springfield News 1942).

[edit] Organizations

Trinity Baptist and Foursquare Gospel were additions to the 1942 business directory (Polk 1942).

[edit] January

  • Maple School dedicated January 1942 to replace the older, smaller school.
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