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[edit] Lane County

  • In 1945, the number of mills in Lane County increased to 124.
  • The number of farms in Lane County was 5,232 in 1945 with an average size of 97.9 acres (U.S. Census 1945).

[edit] Springfield

  • Through continued requests to accommodate the swelling population, a total of 100 priority housing allotments were available by the end of the war.

[edit] Businesses

  • In 1940, there were only three physicians in town. This number improved slightly in 1941 when a physician/surgeon and a dentist opened offices. A fifth physician opened an office in 1945.

[edit] Education

  • In the spring of 1945, the school district applied for federal assistance to construct a junior high school and an addition to the senior high school; the grants were rescinded when all federal grants were canceled at the end of the war. The Maple, Hayden Bridge, and Mt. Vernon school districts voted to consolidate with the Springfield district. By the fall of 1945, over 1,900 students crowded the existing classrooms (Springfield News 1945).

[edit] Organizations

[edit] March, 1945

[edit] August, 1945

In August 1945, the Bank of Oregon purchased an existing building on Main Street for its future home, a two-story mercantile building was constructed on Main between 6th and 7th Streets, three older wooden storefronts were replaced with modern buildings on Main between 5th and 6th Streets, and work was begun on the new McKenzie Theater.

[edit] October, 1945

The Ben Franklin store announced its arrival in October 1945 (Springfield News 1945).

[edit] Glenwood

Glenwood, which had been part of the district at one time but later split off, begins discussions about rejoining the Springfield school district.

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