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[edit] Springfield

[edit] Businesses

  • The 1952 business directory shows the addition of the Hillis, Lawton, Mt. Vernon, H.R. Stafford & Sons, and Westlane Mill lumber companies (Johnson 1952).

[edit] Transporation

[edit] Government and Utilities

[edit] Education

Mt. Vernon School and Thurston School. The school board also purchased a 32-acre site on the north side of the Old Thurston Road for the Thurston Junior High School and athletic fields near the Springfield High School and Junior High were improved and expanded. By fall 1952, enrollments in the district climbed to over 5,100. In addition to the various expansions in the public school system, St. Alice Catholic Church also announced plans for a grade school, which was dedicated in 1953 (Springfield News 1952).

[edit] Organizations

In 1952, the Church of the Nazarene appeared in the business directory (Johnson 1952).

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