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[edit] Lane County

  • In 1951, the poultry industry skyrocketed in the county when egg and broiler values neared $4,000,000.

[edit] Springfield

[edit] Government and Utlities

[edit] Businesses

  • A Nash auto sales and showroom opened in 1951.

[edit] Education

  • In 1951, the south end of the Glenwood district consolidated with Springfield, relieving some of the

crowding in the Glenwood school. Another addition was planned for the new Maple School, which was to include a new cafeteria and gymnasium building. A two-room addition was constructed at the Thurston School and work was completed on the new Westside and Springfield Junior High school buildings (Springfield News 1951).

[edit] Organizations

St. Andrews Episcopal Church and Parish House was constructed in 1951 (Springfield News 1951).

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