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From Lane Co Oregon

David L. Scofield was mayor for Springfield and he was married to Enid Scofield.


[edit] Phone Book, 1961-1964, B7

Scofield David L (Enid R) councilman City of Springfield and owner Dave's Pharmacy & Centinial Pharmacy 665 City View Blvd, Springfield 747-7149.

[edit] Springfield News, November 5, 1964

Mayor Sure Unity Within Reach of City

Springfield's new mayor elect, David Scofield, said Wednesday he is more sure than ever that a unified Springfield is not out of reach.

Scofield, 41, who roundly trounced his two opponents, B.J. Rogers and Floyd Emerson, pointed out that in what campaigning he did, he attempted to draw the factions within the city together.

Currently president and in his sixth year on the city council, Scofield collected 4,279 votes to Rogers 2,331 and Emerson's 1,073. He captured the most votes in every one of the city's 31 precincts.

Scofield, the father of seven, lives at 665 City View. A registered pharmacist, he owns Dave's Pharmacy and Centennial Pharmacy. He was reared in Tillamook and studied at ORegon State University. He has been in Springfield since 1952.

Joining Scofield in the victory corner were one incumbent, L.H. Wojcik, ward 5, and two newcomers to city government, John McCulley in ward 4 and Darwin Courtright, Ward 6.

The mayor elect said he apprreciated the confidence shown by the voters in the overwhelming victory. He interprreted the balloting as a reaffirmation that his acts on the council in the last six years had been in the public interest.

Wojcik received 4,534 votes to 2,531 for his opponent, Bill Henderson. McCulley had the narrowest margin of vitory, beating John Pryor 3,594 to 3,282, while Courtright garnered the most votes, 5,128 to 2,093.

Both Wojcik and Courtright swept every precinct in the city while McCulley gave up only nine to his opponent.

Courtright, incidentally, went elk hunting in eastern Oregon last weekend and will not return until this weekend. According to his father, Dewey, with hom he operates Courtright Market, Courtright did not call Springfield for the results and presumably does not know he was elected.

McCulley said he "feels real good" about the results, while Wojcik said he believed the outcome was a "good expression of the opinion of the people." Commenting on the fate of the bond issues, Wojcik said it was "just exactly the way I wnted it" and tht he will propose presenting the question of city hall location to the voters in the future.

In the matter of the charter amendments -- three of them bond issues - Springfield voters were selective, approving three and rejecting the fourth.

The storm drainage bonds which include funds for the city's share in the widenig of east Main Street, were approved 4,169 to 3,320. Only four precincts turned the measure down, and most of these by close margins. One precinct, 27, is in north east Springfield, the Adams Plat area. Precincts 29 and 30, both in east Springfield, passed the measure by margins of less than 10 votes.

The city hall measure, on the...

[edit] Springfield News, February 13, 1967

Mayor Scofield Dies Sunday

Springfield Mayor David Scofield was found dead in a Eugene motel room Sunday afternoon and circumstances leading to his death were still under investigation Monday.

Eugene police said the body of the 44-year old Scofield, mayor since 1964, was found in a room at the Travel-Inn motel, 2121 Franklin Boulevard at 2:18 P.M. Sunday.

Police were called to the motel after an employee attempted to enter the room to clean it, found it locked from the inside and called the manager of the motel. The manager then called police.

Motel employees said Scofield checked into the motel about 11 p.m. Saturday. An autopay was performed on the body Sunday night but Dr. Grier F. Starr, who examined the body, said that investigations would not be completed until late Monday or early Tuesday.

Starr, who was appointed to perform the autopsy by the county medical investigator, said Scofield died of an acute pulmonary edema, an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the lungs. He said that this condition is often caused by a heart attack or stroke, but invesigations had disclused this might not be the case in Scofield's death.

Starr said no conclusions could be made as to what caused the pulmonary edema until the chemical content of Scofield's body to give an estimate of the time of death.

Eugene police authorities refused to comment on the circumstances of Scofield's death. Eugene police chief Harold A. Ellsworth would not discluse any information pending completion of the autopsy saying "you people want us to speculate, but we can't say anything until we're sure."

Scofield was elected mayor of Springfield in November 1964, after six years service on the city council as the representative for Ward 1. He assumed the mayor's office on January 1, 1965.

He won the election decisively over the opposition of incumbent mayor B.J. Rogers and Floyd G. Emerson. At the time of te election eh was president of the council.

He came to Springfield in 1952 and was first employed at the Springfield Pharmacy. In November, 1956 he opened Dave's Pharmacy at 1145 Mohawk Boulevard, and in 1961 established the Centennial Pharmacy in the Centennial-Pofessional Building at 1621 Centennial.

He was a stockholder with several physicians and dentists in ownership of the Centennial-Professional Building, Inc., and at the time of his death was president of that corporation as well as of McKenzie Broadcasting Company, which operates radio station KORE. He was also treasurer of the League of Oregon Cities.

His two pharmacy businesses were sold to Mitchell P. Daletas, a long-time employee at Dave's Pharmacy, about a year ago, and since that time Scofield had occasionally served as a relief pharmacist throughout the county.

He was a native of Tillamook and a graduate of Oregon State University. He had served as a bomber pilot during World War II.

Scofield was born January 6, 1923 and spent his early years at Tillamook. Following service in World War II, he enrolled at Oregon State University, where he obtained a degree in pharmacy in 1952.

Surviving are his wife, Enid,..

[edit] Springfield News, Thursday, February 16, 1967

Final Rites Held For Mayor Here

The Lane County medical investigator Thursday morning termed the death of Spriingfield Mayor David Scofield as "probably accidental."

Funeral services for Scofield, 44, were held Thursday morning at St. Alice Catholic church. The Rev. Louis Sohler celebrated the requiem mass, Scofield was buried at Springfield Memorial Cemetery.

Dr. Keith McMilan, chief medical investigator for Lane County, said the death of Scofield... was caused by a combination of alcohol and barbiturates. The combination of these elements, both of which are depressants, caused a failure of the respiratory system and the acute pulmonary edema, an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

McMilan said the effect of the combination of alcohol and barbiturates "is common knowledge among doctors and druggists," but that he felt Scofield might have taken an excessive amount of drugs because of the "fog" produced by the combination of the two. Scofield had consumed "from a half a pint to a pint of whiskey," according to McMilan.

The official cause of death in the report to the state medical examiner in Portland is "indeterminate," said McMilan. This is the common listed cause he said, when there is no evidence to prove the death as either suicide or accidental.

McMilan did say, however, that it was his "personal feeling" that the death was an accident. He based this opinion on the lack of a suicide note or any other show of intent on the part of Scofield.

It was disclosed Wednesday that Scofield's family knew he was staying in a motel for the night, although they didn't know which one.

Scofield's oldest son, Patrick, told a reporter that his father had left the home after a family argument Saturday night. He said Scofield phoned home about 1 a.m. Sunday, apparently after he had checked into the motel, and told the family that he was all right and that he intended to return home later that day.

His father gave no indication of trouble, according to Patrick. Dr. Grier Starr, who performed the autopsy on Scofield said the mayor died between 1 and 3 a.m. Sunday.

Scofield... is surivived by his wife Enid and seven children, all of them living at home.

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