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From Lane Co Oregon


[edit] Election Results, December 9, 1896

Springfield Oregon Dec 9 - 1896

To the Honorable Council of the town of Springfield


We do hereby certify that we have canvassed the vote pulled at the council elections on the 7 day of Dec 1896 and find the following candidates duly elected

Mayor E. C. Martin

Councilman H R Rich

" L E Thompson

Recorder J W Stewart

E C Martin Mayor

E C Roberts


[edit] Eugene City Guard, December 7, 1897?

Daily Guard, December 3rd.

City Officers - Springfield elected. City officers yesterday as follows:

Mayor, E Martin;

treasurer J W Stewart

recorder V W Harshbarger

Councilmen, B A Washburn

Z Kintzley

[edit] Eugene Daily Guard, Tue December 8, 1903

Springfield Election

Citizens, Ticket Won by Good Majority - Issues Involved Not Shown on Surface.

Springfield held an election for city officials yesterday and after an exciting election has settled down to business again.

The citizens' ticket made a clean sweep, electing all their candidates by a good majority.While the election was supposed tobe on the temperance question, yetthis was not the case as the real is-sues involved did not show up on the surface. The vote stood as follows:

For mayor -

Dr. R. A. Jayne ... 73

E.C. Martin ... 52

Councilmen, two years' term

M.M. Peery ... 75

J. D. Cox ... 73

W. M. Sutton ... 50

J. T. Tuffs ... 52

Councilmen, one year term -

Henry Sinner ... 72

Milton Bally ... 35

For recorder -

E. Sxxxxxxx ... 75

L. E. Thompson ... 49

B.A. Washburne, for treasurer, was on both tickets and he received the full vote cast, 125.

[edit] Eugene Daily Guard, December 3, 1907 Newspaper Clip




At the Springfield city election yesterday the "taxpayers" or "wet" ticket won over the "citiens" ticket by a good majority. Both sides voted for George Perkins for councilman and B.A. Washburne for treasurer, but on the other candidates there was the usual opposition, John Kestley was put up by the "wets" for councilman to run against Perkins, but he withdrew his name before the election. M. M. Peery, the druggist, is the new mayor, succeeding R.A. Jayne. The old council consisted of the followinig: H.W. Stewart, E.E. Kepner, E.C. Martin and Henry Sinner. The election is an endorsement of the old council, as the new mayor and council were elected on the same platform upon which they stood. The vote was as follows.

Taxpayers' Ticket

Mayor M.M. Peery... 137

Councilman, Harry Stewart... 129

Councilman, George Perkins... 188

Councilman, Nate Hill... 131

Recorder, L.M. Beebe... 124

Treasurer, B.A. Washburne... 203

Citizens' Ticket.

Mayor, G.O. Bassett... 81

Councilman, J.J. Browning... 83

Councilman, George Perkins... 188

Councilman, Henry Cogill... 87

Recorder, George McCauley... 93

Treasurer, B.A. Washburne... 202

The total number of votes cast was 219.

[edit] Census 1910

Martin, Eugene C, Male, 53, head of household, from Kansas, New York state, New York state. Occupation. Machinist

Mary M., Female, 51, wife, from Ohio, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Louisa H, Female, Daughter, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Occupation: Stenographer

Clarence, Male, 24, son, from Kansas, Kansas, Ohio

Mayors of Springfield
Albert S. Walker (1885-1886) • S.I. Lee (1887) • Albert S. Walker (1888) • Simon Tuttle (1888-1889) • T.O. Maxwell (1889) • Albert S. Walker (1889-1890) • Albert Wheeler (1890-1892) • L. Gilstrap (1892-1893) • Albert Wheeler (1893) • J H Van Schoich (1893-1894) • Albert Wheeler (1894-1895) • Eugene C Martin (1896-1899) • John B. Innis (1900-1902) • H.A. Skeels (1902-1903) • R.A. Jayne (1903-1907) • Mark M. Peery (1907-1909) • W.M. Sutton (1909-1911) • Welby Stevens (1911-1913) • Charles L. Scott (1913-1915) • Elmer E. Morrison (1915-20) • Charles F. Eggiman (1921-1924) • George G. Bushman (1925-1929) • Charles O. Wilson (1929) • Wilfrid P. Tyson (1930-1934) • Ernest H. Turner (1934-1935) • W.A. Taylor (few minutes, November 27, 1935) • Ed Waltman (1935-1936) • William H. Pollard (1936-1940) • Charles Chandler (1940-1945) • Claude T. Gerlach (1945-1949) • B.P. Larson (1949-1953) • Edward C. Harms, Jr. (1953-1961) • B.J. Rogers (1961-1965) • David L. Scofield (1965-1967) • John E. McCulley (1967-1970) • William MorrissetteMaureen MaineSid Leiken

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