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Charles Frederick Eggimann was one time mayor of Springfield between 1921 and 1924. He died on Saturday, February 8, 1936.

[edit] Register Guard, February 25, 2002

Rain, snow or shine, Eggimann's Candy Kitchen at Fourth and Main streets in Springfield was a center of social activity from about 1919 through the 1940s. C.F. Eggimann served as mayor from 1921 to 1925.

The candy shop and soda fountain, seen here he candy shop and soda fountain, seen here in the mid-1920s, shipped candies throughout the state...

[edit] Springfield News February 13, 1936


Community Mourne Passing Of Respected Citizen at Home on Saturday.

Was Spanish Veteran.

Former Mayor and Councilman Took Active Interest in All Civic Affairs.

Sorrowfully numbers of this community paid their last respects to Charles Frederick Eggimann Tuesday afternoon as they held funeral services for him at Poole's Springfield chapel and then buried him at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Mr. Eggimann passed away at his home here early Saturday morning. He had been ill for many months, but it was only a few hours before the end that his condition sudenly became worse and it was understood that he was leaving. He went quickly but... ...A stroke, paralysis, and then the end- he was gone.

Changed Name

A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana where he was born on July 10, 1875, Mr. Eggimann, devoted his entire lifetime to the manufacture and sale of candy and confections. He was the son of American born Swiss parents who christened him Karl Frederico Ekkemann. He later adopted the Americanized spelling for his name.

He went to visit an aunt at Huntington, Indiana in 1898 when the Spanish American war brok. A company ws organized in that city and Mr. Eggimann was one of the first to volunteer. He... Cuba as a supply master for the company.

Three years later he was working in a candy factory in Duluth, Minnesota, when he met and married Miss Myrtle McCann on December 7, 1902

Two years later... their first candy store at ...Montana in 1904, later making ... where they had a store for eight years. They then spent 29 months in San Diego, seeking to improve Mrs. Eggiman's health and came to Springfield in 1912.

To Springfield in 1912

In October of that year they opened the candy store which they have operated continuously snce that time. Later they added a bakery department, but sold it many years ago. The candy store was moved to the preent location at Fourth and Main streets 15 years ago. This was the only time the store moved during the 23 years in business here.

During these years Mr. Eggimann developed a formula for a mentho cough drop which he patented and in the intervening years had built up a large market for them in most parts of the United States and in foreign countries as far away as China.

Leaves Brother and Sister

Besides Mrs. Eggimann, he is survived by one brother Edw. Eggimann, at Fort Wayne and one sister, Mrs. Isabelle Summers, Desian, Indiana.

Mr. Eggimann served one term as councilman and then represented this city as mayor from 1921-24. He always took a vital inteest in ll civic affairs right up to the time of his death, and friends had urged his candidacy for office several times since 1924 only to always be met with the declaration that he had served his time. His interest in civic affairs did not lag, however, and he always remained a leader in civic development.

He was a member of Liberty Masonic lodge in Springfield. He had advanced through all branches of Masonry. He was also a member of General Lawton camp, United Spanish-American War Veterans.

Masons Conduct Service.

Funeral services at the chapel were conducted by Rev. I. G. Shaw pastor of the Christian churcn and a Spanish war veeteran. He was assisted by Rev. R.E. Rolena of the Baptist church and Mrs. Doris Helen Calkins, harpist, who played "End of a Perfect Day," and "In the Garden." Members of Liberty Masonic lodge, O. E. Wheaton, Harry M. Stewart, Wm. L. Rouse, H.W. Whitney, M.J. McKlin and Severt Jacobson, were pall bearers.

Honorary pall bearers were members of General Lawton camp of Spanish War Veterans. They were Sam H. Richmond Major M.B. Huntly, H. Burnett, Judd Stauffen, Jim Russell and Tom Hall.

The Springfield Masonic lodge was in charge of the graveside services as the flag-drapped casket ws lowered to its last resting place while the rain fell in a slow drizzle. It will not be easy to forget Mr. Eggimann and is cheerful smile.

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