The Humiliation of Katie

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Welcome to the Humiliation of Katie! - By Uman

This story will/does contain a multitude of adult themes, please avoid reenacting these events in real life. Enjoy the story and please respect other writers.

Just and FYI, I am currently working on a interactive epic in Cassie's Horrible Family - if you are interested in helping then drop by and let me know. There is an overarching story path I am working on so if you add a chapter without consulting me I may have to edit it or ditch it completely to match up with the story. Thanks and peace out. - Uman

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Katie is a teenage girl who is about to experience some of the worst times of her life. Humiliation, public nudity, being treated like a child, and public accidents are only a few of the things she will encounter. How she encounters these are up to you! Be creative! It's okay to take a leap of faith as long as it is interesting and in good taste. This story focuses on Katie's unwilling humiliation. She doesn't want these things to occur to her. Sex is not explicitly prohibited, keep it realistic that Kate doesn't want to screw just anyone.

Katie is a dark chocolate brunette who (depending on the age selected) has roughly C-cup breasts, a curvy and large butt, and an overall soft, tender, and pale skin.

To begin, select her age.

High School

Katie, when just joining her new high school for her senior year

Katie, trying to get used to her teachers and dealing with her family's attempts to get closer

Katie, unused to her growing breasts and growing rear, at 18 while applying for a new job

Katie, now 19, is trying to survive her sophomore year at college

Katie, now a young woman, now trying to get used to her new home at 23

Katie, now a grown woman, has a career and wants to start a family at 30

Katie, at 36, sends her first child to elementary school amid fears from her past

Katie, having dealt with her first child going to school, is about to embark on the next phase of her life at 37

Katie's Children

What If...

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