Katie, unused to her growing breasts and growing rear, at 18 while applying for a new job

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At 18, Katie is a little bit bigger but overall still small and shy about her body. Since the humiliating events when she was 16, her breasts haven't grown much, but her butt has continued to grow, being now an even bigger target. Katie is now familiar with her classmates and school, especially the staff's infamous strict policies and the social groups such as the cheerleaders led by Samantha.

Important Information

1. The Cheerleaders - A tight knit group of bitchy and manipulative girls. The cheerleaders dislike new members to their group and will go to extensive means to get rid of them. Katie has been on the team for two years now and has gained some respect, although that is because she does whatever Samantha forces her to do. Katie resents Samantha's influence over her.

2. The Football Players - Manipulated by the cheerleaders to do their bidding, the football players make up the strongest and dumbest group in the school. While by themselves they can be good (if rowdy) people, while doing the cheerleaders' bidding, their sense of morality disappears completely.

3. The Staff of Northwood High - Under the pretense of a new means to teach, the staff are told to be stubborn and as a result, merciless.

4. Family - Katie has a father and a mother who both are constantly busy with working, as such Katie really doesn't hang out with her family that much. Her brother is seven years older and her sister is four years older than her. Katie's aunt Jill, however, is an erratic woman who runs her own daycare service which Katie had the unpleasantness of being humiliated by while being babysat for a weekend. Katie's family has recently begun pressuring Katie to get a job, no matter what it is so that she can start paying for herself.

5. Northwood East High Rivalry - Whereas Katie has been attending Northwood High for three years now, a new school has opened up on the east side of the city, calling itself Northwood East. The rivalry between the schools has begotten worse as of late, and extreme hazing and pranks have been rumored to be happening on both sides.

Series 1 - The Big Game - Katie and the Cheerleaders Get Ready and Lead the Fight Against East in the big football game, but Katie will be humiliated by more than just the loss of the game itself...

Series 2 - Finding a Job - Katie's family tries to get her to find a job, any kind of job. This leads Katie to applying to a number of businesses, some with questionable working conditions...

Series 3 - Aunt Jill Comes Home - In response to Katie's recent troubles, Jill comes to town to straighten her out...

Series 4 - The Hazing - East has finally had enough of Katie's school, leading to the hazing of Katie, Samantha, and several of the cheerleaders in a little hide-and-go-seek paintball in the woods among other things...

Series 5 - Out With Friends - Katie goes out with her fellow cheerleaders for a day. Katie gets into trouble when they suggest a fun game that leaves Katie embarrassed and exposed in public.

Series 6 - The Big Dance/Prom - Katie is invited to a dance/The Prom, but her dress (along with the festivities) have been tampered with!

Series 7 - Graduation!!!! - Katie is ready to receive her diploma, but will the audience be ready to receive Katie?

Series 8 - College - Katie begins college, but even with a new school, some things never change...

Series 9 - The Romantic Rival - While jogging, Katie runs afoul of a girl with a grudge against her, and ends up in a truly humiliating situation.

Series 10 - The Hazing (College) - Katie gets hazed by her female 'friends', and the girls have a tendency to take things out of proportion.

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