Katie, now a grown woman, has a career and wants to start a family at 30

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At 30, Katie is now a mature woman, but still short with a juicy ass and a nice rack. Katie has tried to distance herself from the humiliating events from her teenage years, and even some from her recent past. Katie has moved to California, a big difference in location from the American Northeast where her family still lives. She is in the process of starting a new career while also marrying her sweetheart. Unfortunately the neighboring couple in her building are growing jealous of her blossoming life.

Important Information 1. Dave and Liz - The couple next door that have been trying to embarrass Katie at every turn. They're jealous of her beauty and seek to take her down a few pegs. With Katie's new job and wedding on the way, they try to up the ante.

2. Fiance - Man or woman, Katie is in love with them and they her. They can be the rock that Katie goes to when she is humiliated, or they can try to embarrass Katie in a safer environment. The choice is yours!

3. Whitney and Josie - Katie's new friends who try to convince Katie that she shouldn't be ashamed of her body, and that she shouldn't take crap from those who seek to humiliate her. They are a bit unorthodox with their methods.

4. Family - Katie's folks are still on the eastern part of the country, but the prospect of a wedding means a reunion of epic (and embarrassing) proportions!

5. Hospital Staff - Overworked and underpaid, certain mothers-to-be can be forgotten (or even given the wrong treatment) before the mistake is realized. Perhaps a little late (or on time, depending on how you look at it).

6. Aunt Jill - Though getting on in age, she still exudes authority over Katie. Especially when she volunteers herself as an assistant during Katie's pregnancy, and as a babysitter once the child is born. Public breastfeedings are just the beginning of Jill's lessons in child rearing.

Series 1 - New Job - Katie starts her cushy job. The pay is good, and she has actual power over others (or does she?)

Series 2 - Bachelorette Party! - Whitney and Josie treat Katie to her last night of freedom before tying the knot. This is their last chance to transform Katie into the sexually confident woman they want her to be.

Series 3 - Family Reunion! - Katie's family (mom, dad, Emily, Kevin, and Aunt Jill) pay her a surprise visit the week before the wedding.

Series 4 - Dave and Liz: Wedding Planners - Dave and Liz try to sabotage Katie's wedding while taking every advantage to expose her.

Series 5 - The BIG Day! - Katie gets married! Of course, as with all milestones in her life, this isn't without its share of accidents, wardrobe malfunctions, and utter chaos.

Series 6 - The First Born - Katie is subjected to many indignities during her first pregnancy, with Aunt Jill moving in to help. This culminates in the most embarrassing/beautiful moment of Katie's life: her first child!

Series 7 - Katie Wants it All - Following her first pregnancy, Katie suffers more humiliations as she tries to juggle her career, trying to get back into shape, and raising her child while Aunt Jill insists on babysitting. Something's gotta give.

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