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This is a page for stories that couldn't fit within The Humiliation of Katie universe. Here you could write any kind of story. Sci-fi, fantasy, other time periods, you name it. Feel free to add more universes.

(Note: Don't instantly start a story, make it a menu with several stories like this

The legend of Katie Universe where Katie is a princess in a "Legend of Zelda" kind of world.

The Humiliation Of Samantha Universe where Samantha starts to get humiliated by Katie.

Katie of the apes Universe where Katie is a jungle girl raised by gorillas.

Humiliation through Time Universe in which members of Katie's family, both in the past and future, suffer through embarrassing situations.

Humiliation among the Stars Universe in which Earth aligned itself with an intergalactic society years ago. Katie grew up on simulated Earth terrain and interacts with all forms of life.

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