Katie, at 36, sends her first child to elementary school amid fears from her past

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At 36, Katie is now a mother, but still short with a large (and less than supple) ass and a set of tits that are only beginning to lose their perkyness. Katie has tried to distance herself from the humiliating events from her past. She moved to California, a big difference in location from the American Northeast where her family still lives. She is dealing with her first child going to school while trying to fit in among the other parents and getting along with the school staff. Aunt Jill is still present, wanting to take an active role in raising Katie's kid(s).

Important Information

1. Spouse - Man or woman, Katie is in love with them and they her. They can be the rock that Katie goes to when she is humiliated, or they can try to embarrass Katie in a safer environment. The choice is yours!

2. Aunt Jill - Even in her advanced years, she is still able to exert authority over Katie. To the point that she assumes the young mother's role in the local PTA when Katie is unable to escape work. As such, Katie sees her enthusiasm for volunteering taken advantage of when Jill is the head of the ideas committee.

3. Children - Yes, our little Katie is having little ones of her own. How many and what sex are up to you. Of course, with Aunt Jill volunteering as babysitter, do they endure the same fate as their mother, or do they take after Jill and add to Katie's humiliations?

4. PTA and Elementary School Staff - Katie wants to be involved in her children's lives, so when work gets in the way, the other parents pressure her to volunteer as mich as possible. Aunt Jill makes sure the events and ideas may end up causing the young mother to become popular among fathers, but not so much the mothers.

Series 1 - Katie's First Day of School - The Next Generation - Katie sends her first child to school for the first time, and realizes certain traits MIGHT not pass on, or do they simply skip a generation? The other parents seem to be focused on Katie's misfortune more than her children's indiscretions.

Series 2 - Fundraising - Katie is volunteered to be the the focus of a fundraising event created by Aunt Jill

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