Katie, when just joining her new high school for her senior year

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Having just arrived at her new school, Katie is feeling shy about her body and place in the new social enviroment. She is a brunette and can be generally described as being shorter and weaker than most of her class. Katie is relatively unfamiliar of her classmates and school, especially the teachers, coaches, and the rules.

Important Information

1. The Cheerleaders - A tight knit group of bitchy and manipulative girls. The cheerleaders dislike new members to their group and will go to extensive means to get rid of them. Even worse, the school has ordered new and extremely slutty uniforms which the cheerleaders hate.

2. The Football Players - Manipulated by the cheerleaders to do their bidding, the football players make up the strongest and dumbest group in the school. While by themselves they can be good (if rowdy) people, while doing the cheerleaders' bidding, their sense of morality disappears completely.

3. The Staff of Northwood High - Under the pretense of a new means to teach, the staff are told to be stubborn and as a result, merciless.

4. Family - Katie has a father and a mother who both are constantly busy with working, as such Katie really doesn't hang out with her family that much. Her brother is seven years older and her sister is four years older than her. Katie's aunt Jill, however, is an erratic woman who runs her own daycare service.

Series 1 - Tryouts for Cheerleading Katie learns what it's like to be an outsider the cheerleaders of Northwood High.

Series 2 - Caught in the Rain Katie has to walk to school, but gets caught in the rain.

Series 3 - A Weekend with the Aunt Katie gets to spend a weekend with her aunt, who turns out to be quite eccentric.

Series 4 - The Party Katie thinks she's going to have a good time, but her friends and aunt have other plans.

Series 5 - Happy Birthday! Katie has an interesting, surprise 17th birthday.

Series 6 - The Play Katie joins the play thinking that it will be fun, but Katie finds out that those in the play take it VERY seriously.

Series 7 - Hell of a Day It is just after a morning practice and the other cheerleaders have planned something against Katie.

Series 8 - Doctor's Note Pt 1- Katie adventures with Aunt Jill are't over yet, as a single doctor's note makes Katie's high school life an extremely humiliating experience.

Series 9 - Sick Katie is sick, and her family decides to take care of her including her sex-enthusiast dad, her naive mom, her older brother and sister who enjoy messing with Katie along with aunt Jill who is manipulating everyone to humiliate Katie.

Series 10 - Holiday After a year of embarrassment, Katie and her family go on a well earned vacation.

Series 11 - The mall Katie decides to go to the mall.

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