Katie, now 19, is trying to survive her sophomore year at college

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At 19, Katie is now mostly adjusted to college. Katie gotten more friends and since moving out of the house she has even gotten to know more people while being closer to those she once knew. Katie is following up on her high school exercise - despite the embarrassing situations she found herself in - and is now more fit than she was when she was younger. Katie's breasts are much firmer than when she was younger, and her ass is more firm as well (although it is still large and fatty.)

Important Information

1. Katie's Family - Katie has since moved out of her family's home into an apartment. However, despite the fact that Katie is now closer to them than when she was younger - they worry about her more. As a result, they are trying to support her in new ways - Aunt Jill included.

2. Katie's Reputation - If nothing else, Katie wants to protect her good reputation which she has never really had before. This means that she will do whatever she can to protect herself - though she is unfortunately still not strong-willed of a person.

Series 1 - The Marathon - Katie enters a marathon and her family arrives to support her, although the marathon turns into a living nightmare for the young woman.

Series 2 - Babysitting - Katie agrees to babysit her friend's kid, but things do not go as planned.

Series 3 - Finals - Katie is caught in a humiliating situation for her fall finals.

Series 4 - Doctor's Note Pt 2 - Katie adventures with Aunt Jill are't over yet, as a single doctor's note makes Katie's college life a humiliating experience.

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