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The Beginning - The Humiliation of Katie

Here is the storyboard, keep in mind that it may not be 100% updated. Also, chapters that have not been started are not listed.

Updated as of 23/9/2014 with 285 Chapters

5.Katie, unused to her growing breasts and growing rear, at 18 while applying for a new job

    Series 1 - The Big Game
    Series 2 - Finding a Job
       Al's Fried Chicken
         Al Has Katie Strip So That He Can Check Her Uniform
       Two-Pair Temp Agency
         Their mom comes back
           Stairs temp
              Was Immediately Called Into the Interview
    Series 3 - Aunt Jill Comes Home
       Katie flees from her house
          Katie is riding her bike, going to her sister's place
       Katie calls the police
    Series 4 - The Hazing
    Series 5 - Out With Friends
       Masturbate on the Engine
       Moon the Road for the Next Twenty Minutes
          The Football Team Shows Up To Play With Katie
            A lake in the forest no one knows. 
            A big houseparty.
               Katie accepts and strips.
               Katie declines.
                  Cringe mansion: The fourth floor: The middle room.
                  Cringe mansion: The fourth floor: The second door on the right.
                  Cringe mansion: The fourth floor: The third door on the left.
                  Cringe mansion: The second floor: The second door on the left.
     Series 6 - The Big Dance/Prom
       The Prom
          Wear only a thong and garter belt
             Prom : Thong and Garter Belt - Skinny Dipping
                Katie Has to Perform Dares to Get Her Clothes Back
                   Prom - Katie poses
          Wear a Butt Plug
             The Prom Group Takes Katie Somewhere... Else
    Series 7 - Graduation!!!!
       Her Bedroom
          The outfit on the bed
          Something from her closet
       Backstage of the Ceremony
          A Diaper
             Katie Gets Kicked Out In Only a Diaper
                Katie Freezes on the Stage
                Katie Runs off the Stage
             Samantha Calls Jill Behind Stage to Talk
                Jill Sends Katie Out to Read Her Speech
                   The Smell From the Diaper Becomes Noticeable
                   Samantha Changes Katie on the Stage
    Series 8 - College
          Kristen Manages to Pull Katie's Panties Off
             She was lying in the common area, still dressed
                Shortcut Route
                   The Gym is Empty and the Lights Are Off
                   It's Open Gym and Everyone Is Playing Capture the Flag - Katie Gets Dragged Into It
          "I'm happy because I can finally do what I want"
          "I probably just want to lock myself up in my room."
             "What about the Gothic thing?"
             "Has something ever happened to you?"
                "What do you want to do now?"
                 Katie grabs Joan and runs away
                  The girls dorm
                   Go to their room
                    "Hack into the schools camera network to see were Gretchen is"
                     Ellen helps the girls
                      "Won't your roommate be a problem?"
                      "What did Gretchen do to you?"
                      "Aren't you afraid that we get caught? We could get expelled"
                      "We have no questions anymore"
                       Alice Little
          "I'm happy that I'm about to take a shower"
             Her clothes have been replaced with embarrassing ones
                Joan Makes Katie Wear a Tiny Bikini
                   The schools swimming pool.
                      Katie Had Lost Her Bikini
                         Remain in the pool till everyone has left. (At ten PM.)
          Katie becomes a nudist for a day.
          Spread (a) fake rumor(s) about Katie.
          Pull a prank on her.
    Series 9 - The Romantic Rival
          Before Katie can decide what to do, a car goes past, and the driver spots her
          Katie decides to turn around and walk home
             Romantic Rival - Downpour
                Romantic Rival - Wait

6.Katie, now a young woman, now trying to get used to her new home at 23

    Series 1 - Welcome to Cali.
       A Chastity Belt - Not Written
          The Weird Things in Her Handbag
             Katie is Unable to Hold it
                The TSA Woman Notices and Lifts Katie's Dress to Show Her Partner
    Series 2 - Dave and Liz
       Showering in Her Apartment
          Her phone suddenly rings
             Dave or Liz
                   Katie's towel falls to the ground
                      Katie Hears Liz Approaching From the Hallway
    Series 4 - Road Trip
       Lost in the Forest
          Small White Panties in the Forest
             Trek Into the Forest
                Katie gets lost in the woods
                   Lost in the Forest - Trip into a Mud Pool
    Series 6 - Spring Cleaning

7.Katie, now a grown woman, has a career and wants to start a family at 30

    Series 6 - The First Born
       Katie's First Born: Spouse - Male
          Katie's First Born: First Trimester
          Katie's First Born: Second Trimester
          Katie's First Born: Third Trimester
          Katie's First Born: Delivery Room
       Katie's First Born: Spouse - Female
          Katie's First Born - Katie would bear the child

8.Katie, at 36, sends her first child to elementary school amid fears from her past

    Series 1 - Katie's First Day of School - The Next Generation
       Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Male spouse
          Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Boy child
          Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Girl child
       Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Female spouse
          Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Birthed
             Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Birth, Boy
             Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Birth, Girl
          Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Adopted
             Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Adopted, Boy
             Katie's First Day of School: TNG - Adopted, Girl

9.Katie, having dealt with her first child going to school, is about to embark on the next phase of her life at 37

    Series 1 - More kids?

Katie's Children

1.Single Child

2.Multiple children

       The Discomfort of Daisy
       The Fluster of Rachel and Christina 
          Rachel and Christina - High School Freshmen Year
             R&C Series 1 - First Day of School
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