Katie, now a young woman, now trying to get used to her new home at 23

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At 23, Katie is is still short with a juicy ass and a nice rack. Katie has tried to distance herself from the humiliating events from her teenage years. In fact Katie has moved to California, a big different in location from the American Northeast. She is in the process of moving everything into her apartment which is across town from the clothing manufacturing facility she is an intern at. Unfortunately the neighboring couple who also happen to work at the facility are a little sadistic when it comes to new people in the building.

Important Information

1. Dave and Liz - Katie's two neighbors who are horny, sadistic, and have no mercy. They plan on sending Katie on plenty of adventures.

2. Bob and Co. Attire - One of the first facilities to go with autonomous clothes creation, Katie is supposed to check in each and every machine to make sure they are all working fine.

Series 1 - Welcome to Cali. - Katie Takes A Flight Out West to Her New Apartment, But Jill Has a Parting Gift that leaves Katie publicly humiliated and exposed.

Series 2 - Dave and Liz - Katie meets Dave and Liz who together play an erotic game of exposure with Katie.

Series 3 - Bob and Co. - Katie has bad run-in with the machines in the clothing manufacturing facility she works in, leaving Katie in an awkward situation.

Series 4 - Road Trip - Katie takes a road trip back out east, but winds up getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

Series 5 - Out in the City - Katie has some things she needs to get done today, but she has some particularly bad luck along the way.

Series 6 - Spring Cleaning - Katie is cleaning her apartment when trouble strikes leaving Katie exposed and humiliated!

Series 7 - Significant Other - Katie finally finds a mate. Is he male? Is she female? Does the person defend her against the powers that try to humiliate her, or are they reluctant participants? Either way, this is the first person to accept Katie for who she is.

Series 8 - The Burglar - Alone in her new apartment, Katie is surprised by a burglar, who ties her up and gags her and leaves her behind a locked door. She will endure much discomfort and humiliation before she can get free.

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