Katie, trying to get used to her teachers and dealing with her family's attempts to get closer

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After getting used to her new high school Katie is trying to get used to her teachers. Even worse, her family has decided to try and get closer together through a series of 'special' activities. She is brunette and can be generally described as being shorter and weaker than most of her class. Katie is relatively unfamiliar of her classmates and school, especially her new teachers, coaches, and the rules.

Important Information

1. The Cheerleaders - A tight knit group of bitchy and manipulative girls. The cheerleaders dislike new members to their group and will go to extensive means to get rid of them. Even worse, the school has ordered new and extremely slutty uniforms which the cheerleaders hate.

2. The Football Players - Manipulated by the cheerleaders to do their bidding, the football players make up the strongest and dumbest group in the school. While by themselves they can be good (if rowdy) people, while doing the cheerleaders' bidding, their sense of morality disappears completely.

3. The Staff of Northwood High - Under the pretense of a new means to teach, the staff are told to be stubborn and as a result, merciless.

4. Family - Katie has a father and a mother who have decided to take some time off to get to spend more time with the family. Her brother is seven years older and her sister is four years older than her, both are coming back home for a little while to have 'fun' with Katie. Katie's aunt Jill, however, is an erratic woman who lost her daycare business due to an incident with Katie.

Series 1 - Really Bad School Days - Katie worst school days in her junior year, all humiliating in special little ways.

Series 2 - Camping Trip - Katie's family surprises her with a camping trip that starts badly and gets worse.

Series 3 - More Time with Jill - Jill has some more quality time with Katie following a lawsuit which caused Jill's daycare to close, freeing up some time for the two to 'connect.'

Series 4 - Family Role Play - To reconnect with their past selves, the family pretends its fifteen years ago.

Series 5 - Fun fair - Katie goes to a fun fair with her family.

Series 6 - A Humiliating Day at Home - Katie is in for a surprise when she thinks she has the house to herself for a week when her parents forgot to tell her about all the work about to be done on the house.

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