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Welcome to the Wiki of all things Slink in nature!

Stories and Worlds

Hero of Ralier - All you'd want to know about the 5 year comic project.
Beyond Lunch - A story about a young boy who has to stop a Locker Demon.
The Other World - An alternate dimension where dreams are said to come true.
Yui Chronicles - 1000 years ago, an Assassin began a journey that'd change the world.
Skylancer's Story - In The Other World, circa 1975, Edward and Claire face the Demon of Ice.
The BL 2040 Story - Many years after the Locker Demon's defeat...
Starship Intensity - A comic circa 2003 that took place 10 years after DTmIRC. Ran for 9 comics.
DTmIRC - A comic circa 2002 that ran for 185 issues. Slink meets new friends in a chatroom!
CHIBI - A comic circa 2000. Ran for 95 issues. Slink goes on wacky adventures with Mab and Co.!
Pearl's RP Adventure - An RP circa 1999. Slink finds a new world with much to explore.

Games and Programs

Beyond Lunch - An RPG that is taking way too long to complete.
Moviechat - Watch movies while chatting! Brilliant!
Ultimate Pong of Dewm - Simple game using Visual Basic coding.
The Mystic Sword - The story that became the Yui chronicles and birthed Beyond Lunch
Kill Barney - First game ever programmed. For the Commodore 64.


The Warren - Slink, Krine, Bahu, and sometimes other people in Animated Form.

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