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Hero of Ralier, also known as "The five year comic project" is a short story that has been expanded, and is planned to play out in the form of a Graphic Novel that follows Celen, a cat-like dragonoid, and his friends over the course of five years. The short story only had 2 pages written, and was canned in favor of the graphic novel. Its story now takes place in Year 4.


The world of Shai

The planet Shai is the second planet in the Neula system, named by the Human scientist who discovered that the planet revoled around its star. Other planets, in order from closest to furthest from the star, include the firey wasteland Selta, the cold desert planet Nia, and the gas giant Julte.

3 billion years ago, Shai was lifeless. Eventually the right conditions were formed for life to exist, and bacteria were born. As time went on, they evolved into fish, which evolved into lizards. As the planet entered a natural Ice Age (per 200 million years), some lizards evolved into mammals. 6 of these creatures evolved into sentient beings, which formed Tribes. Over time, tribes merged together and formed countries. Today, there are 6 countries, one for each race that evolved. Countries are further split up depending on their government.

Magic and Mana

There are two forms of it! More on that later.

The 6 races

The story itself


Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Tertiary Cast

The 8 great Wizards

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