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Ralians are a race of cat-like dragonoids who are well known for their Mercenary forces. They generally reside in the country of Ralier, which is a somewhat cold country. They manage to hunt and grow enough food to support themselves (though the task becomes more strained as the population grows), but they aren't able to make anything of note to export to other countries.



Ralians are mammals, having warm blood, fur, and skin. They live an average of 105 years, but some can live as long as 130 years. The longest living Ralian to date was alive for 148 years. Due to their mercenary lifestyle, their average life-expectancy in the international encyclopedia is only 86 years. On average, Ralian males stand between 6'0" and 6'9" (183-210cm), and females stand between 5'6" and 6'4" (170-202cm). Males generally weigh between 125 and 170lbs (57-77kg), and females weigh between 110 and 155lbs (55-70kg).


Ralian technology is seen as a bit of an oxymoron by the Humans and Bryna. They have working telephones, but never invented Cars or Guns, and showing a Ralian a computer is the same as showing a puppy the theory of relativity. Ralian tech is comparable to the 1950's in our society. They don't have microwaves, but they do have electricity and Washing Machines. However, technology is not the same from home to home, as richer ralians manage to import technology from other countries. It is seen as a status symbol to have a Music Player (MP3 player-likes from humans, or a disk player from Bryna), for instance. In modern times, more and more technology is entering the country as trade with other countries grow, but Ralians are unable to make anything modern under their own power.

Electricity is provided by Wind Generators and Hydroelectric plants. The House of Leaders banned the use of polluting Coal, and Ralians are incapable of making anything nuclear. They also can't make Solar Panels.

History and General Information

War with Bryna

Ralier has stood the test of time despite multiple challenges. The nation was founded in 72 when the various tribes decided to unite and befriend each other. The nation grew and thrived until 552, when Bryna began the first major war. Ralier was nearly destroyed, but through a genius leader they managed to unite and use their mana more offensively against a race who's magic overpowered them so harshly. He also created a method of flying explosives over the grounded Bryna, and turned the tides of the war. Bryna finally sounded the retreat and ended the war in 560. Recovery took 50 years, but so many Bryna troops were lost that no further attack was made during that period.

In the year 676, Bryna staged another offensive, but this one was far less effective. Ralier had been working on its defenses, and wasn't caught off guard this time. The war lasted just 2 years.

In the year 800, Bryna began the third war, utilizing new technology never before seen. They had managed to create magic-run vehicles that was impervious to launched fireball and ice shards. They had gone from having a slight advantage magically to having a complete and total advantage. Ralier would face destruction a second time. as their cities quickly fell, the government decided it had no choice but to initiate a last-ditch plan in an effort to give them pause long enough to regroup. Against their beliefs, Ralier had no choice but to use a darker side of Mana, utilizing it to disfigure and dismember the Bryna. Having no mana, they had no way to stop or counter this. Bryna was given no choice but to end its final attack against the Ralian nation. There was no technology that could block Mana (as Mana can manipulate any shield they'd fashion), so Bryna was forced to enter a tenative peace with Ralier. This peace is still in existence today, though many Ralians are sure they'd attack the moment they found a defense against Mana.

The darker mana techniques were sealed by the Priests and its use made illegal until the day that Ralier's survival relied on it.

Relations with other countries

Ralier is at a tenative peace with Bryna, though they're far from the best of friends. The Bryna government has made offerings of peace, but the Ralian government has not shown signs of lowering Ralier's defenses even slightly.

Ralier and Wievi are allies. Wievi makes use of Ralian mercenaries (though rarely for combat purposes), and Ralier imports some of their water and technology.

Ralier is on friendly terms with Human Country. A huge percentage of their Combat-related missions are sent to this country. Ralier imports technology and meaty foods from the humans.

El'himzen is neutral with Ralier, and generally uses the Mercenary forces for tasks requiring Magic. Ralier imports food from El'himzen's vast fields.


There are two sides of the government running Ralier, the Priesthood and the House of Leaders. Every 10 years, a General Election is held where Ralians vote on who will be in the House of Leaders. Someone who is in the house can opt to run again as many times as they desire. In general, the house and the Priesthood vote on issues. If they agree, the issue becomes a law. If there's a conflict, the house takes a second vote. If more than 2/3 of them vote yes, then their side of the conflict becomes law. otherwise, it's given out to the population for them to vote on the issue.

General issues can be brought up by a member of the house, and Magical issues can be brought up by the Priesthood.

The decision making Priesthood is composed of Priests who are part of the Inner Circle of Nature (9 members), and the High Priest. Ralians in these positions remain there until they pass away or otherwise become unable to make decisions, and are replaced by a priest of the Outer Circle who has shown exceptional dedication to Nature and its protection.

In the past 50 years, the Mercenary Forces have become a sort of third branch. They don't officially have any law-making power, but the opinion of their Generals has a heavy influence on the House.

Mercenary Forces

In 834, The government faced a crisis. The crops and hunting teams were beginning to struggle to meet demands of an ever-growing population. The government made plans to take over Bryna and use its resources, but the Priesthood intervened, stating that it is against nature to seek destruction, but to only attack for the sake of one's survival. The government noted that their survival was dependent on expanding, but the priests remained firm. Eventually they came up with another way.

Ralier would import what it needs from Human country and from Wievi. Because they had nothing to export, the government decided that it would export its work force. Over time, countries became aware of Ralier's mana and magic capabilities, and it became common practice for Humans to seek out Ralian workers for not just various tasks, but for fighting and settling scores. Eventually they were given the Common word "Mercenary", and the Ralian government officially renamed them the Mercenary forces in 865.

To date, Mercenaries do various jobs that make use of their abilities. Whether it's using their hunting skills to find a lost kitten, or their battle skills to settle a score. Contracts generally last between a week and a year, but can't exceed two years. They can be renewed, however, should a company or person grow fond of the Ralian they're hiring.

In 867, news of a Ralian accepting a job to kill another Ralian caused an uproar that nearly ruined the Mercenary Forces entirely. The government managed to retain them by making a law stating that no mercenary can be hired to kill a Ralian, or any women or children. Occasionally, a Ralian will accept such a job, but if they get caught they're immediately sentenced to death. It is seen as "Evening out a sin against nature".

Acceptence of Homosexuality and Bisexuality

In the year 734, a Ralian named "Nelava Kimen" began a movement to get Homosexual Joinings (See Mating and Reproduction below) accepted by the Priesthood. Until that time, it was seen as against nature and a choice, and was never honored. Nelava made her final appeal with a moving speech that helped prove that it was not against nature, but BECAUSE of nature. Over time, the Priesthood caved in and allowed them, but it would be another hundred years before they would be widely accepted.

In modern times, they have been accepted to the point that it is no longer an issue.

Mating and Reproduction

Ralians mate for life, having a Joining ceremony that can be compared to Marriage for humans. Ralians are capable of feeling love, and will generally go out on dates (Ralian word "Daite", adapted from Common) until they find That Special someone. Then they will give each other a Joining Gift as a sign that they will take part in a Joining ceremony. The gift is generally something that means a lot to the person giving it or recieving it, like a family heirloom.

The joining ceremony is a celebration involving the couple's family and friends. They generally party into the night, dancing around a bon fire once it gets dark enough. There's sharing of stories and tales about the couple, and lots of singing. At the end of the celebration, the couple embarks on a Joined Flight (See Flight section), where they will fly above the party in a show of trust and love. These flights are quite graceful, and represent the bond between the two. Afterwords, they will fly off to where they'll spend their first night as a Joined Couple, signifying the end of the party. Often their departure is met with yells of well wishes.

Puberty begins at about age 13, and ends at about 20. Ralians are generally able to reproduce from the ages of 13 to 65. Ralian females go through a cycle of about 60 days, though like most sentient beings they don't strictly follow this in determining when they find a partner. Pregnancy lasts for 11 months, and Ralians are capable of having 1 child per 2 years. Families generally consist of 1 or two children, though some couples have as many as 5 children. It's not terribly uncommon to see a brother and sister being 10 years apart.

Religion and Beliefs

Ralians believe that Shai is a living creature mothering her children. They believe that Nature deserves respect and adoration, for it created them any everything around them. Most of their rituals revolve around the respect of nature, and they never kill anything they don't intend to eat or otherwise use, the exception being other sentient beings who would seek to harm nature.

Joined Couples

Joined couples are meant to be life-long, and the priests generally don't honor divorces (The Ralian word for it is even "Divorce" from Common as they had no word for it), with some exceptions. If one side causes the divorce, they are generally shunned and the victim of the divorce shown pity. Mutual Seperation often has both sides being shunned, but in modern times Ralians are slowly becoming more lenient on this issue. The government has begun to honor divorces, but the priests still do not.

Because of the difficulties with Divorce, it is generally taught that a couple should not be Joined before they've spent 3-5 years together. This "engagement" period helps a couple be sure that they're meant to be without making any rash decisions. Sometimes, however, couples don't abide by this precedent.

In the case of Domestic Abuse, the victim is encouraged to move on and find who is believed to be the "Real mate". The abuser is kicked out of the country, never allowed to return. These Ralians either head to Wievi or to a city in the middle of all the countries that generally houses exiles. This is the only type of Divorce that Priests will honor, saying that it is more against nature to suffer than it is to be Joined.

Magic and Mana

Ralians generally use Magic and Mana in a more artistic manor than other races. They believe it to be a gift from nature, and most of their spells and techniques aim to be graceful and elegant. Not many of their spells are designed to hurt others, though in the final war with Bryna some Darker mana techniques were created. Most of them have since been sealed away, but some fighting mana is allowed for the sake of continued prosperity.

Technology and Science

As trade continues from Human country and Bryna, technology makes its way into Ralian culture. Priests tend to be picky on which devices they accept and which they deem against the workings of nature. This is part of the reason Ralian technology remains a bit primitive in a time where humans are using computers and the Internet.

Magic and Mana Abilities

Male Ralians are gifted in the field of Magic, and female Ralians in the field of Mana. To some degree, males can use mana and females magic, but only a Wizard is capable of using both with a notable level of skill. This is because the genes allowing one or the other is blocked by the hormones created by male or female ralians. In rare cases, the gene is mutated and resists both hormones, allowing the Ralian to use magic and mana at the same time. They typically become Wizards and master both schools of magic.

Ralians are not as powerful with magic as Bryna, but they've held their own in the wars because Bryna are incapable of learning Mana. Ralian magic and mana is more powerful than the Wievi and human varieties, but their mana is weaker than the El'himzen's.

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