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Wievians are a race of Dog-like people who are known for their playfulness and neutrality. The Wievians have never been in a major war, as Bryna was concentrated on Ralier and the Human country saw nothing to gain from taking them over. They are also on fantastic terms with the El'himzen. While Human country is neutral magically, Wievi is known as the all-around neutral country.



Wievians are mammals, having warm blood, fur, and skin. They live an average of 63 years with a maximum lifespan of 85 years. One Wievian managed to survive for 100 years, and stands as the longest lived of the race. On average, Wievian males stand between 5'2" and 5'9" (155-177cm), and females stand between 5'0" and 5'7" (152-171cm). Males generally weigh between 115 and 155lbs (52-70kg), and females weigh between 100 and 140lbs (45-64kg).


Wievi is a fairly modern country, standing just behind the Humans in advances. However, their peaceful ways have limited their advancement in certain areas. They don't have guns, microwaves, lasers, or anything of that nature. They do have computers, an internet (linked to the Human and El'himzen Countries) and various inventions that make life for them easy.

History and General Information

Relations with other countries

Wievi exports technology to El'himzen, and imports food from their vast farmlands. They're allies, and El'himzen is one of the reasons Wievi has never come under a major attack. Each country has committed to defending the other should they be in danger.

Wievi and Ralier are allies. A few Wievian forces helped fight in the last war Ralier had with Bryna, but they avoided Bryna's retaliation due to the complete and utter defeat brought at the end of that war. Some theorize that Wievi has allied with Ralier in self-defense against the nation, but it's officially because Wievians just love forming alliances.

Wievi considers Bryna to be friendly. Bryna has never had a major attack against Wievi, but they have also refused many offers to become full on allies. The Wievians feel that it'd be mean to call them neutral, so they consider them Friendly.

Mating and Reproduction

They do that!

Religion and Beliefs

Magic and Mana

Technology and Science

Magic and Mana Abilities

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