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Celen Riale



The main protagonist of the story, Celen's backstory and personality unfolds as the story goes on. Born of Serene and Delair, Celen's early childhood was fairly uneventful, with the later years being wrought with difficulty. Celen's father left when he was about 6 years old, leaving Serene the task of being both parents. Due to this, Celen has a kind of low opinion of Ralian males. At age 5, Celen was taught the basics of the art of utilizing mana to improve muscle speed and strength. A few years would pass before Celen would resolve to master the technique. Since there was little written about it an his father wasn't around anymore, Celen's technique would turn out to be unique, even utilizing Magic as well as Mana.

Due to somewhat limited amounts of Mana that male Ralians can use, the technique instead focuses on finite control of the mana that they CAN use. It's thought that a female using this ability would rip her muscles to shred with her higher levels of mana, so the technique is not taught in school.



Celen and Seral have been best friends since he was 4, and everyone who knows them sees them getting together one day. Celen realizes how Seral feels, but has yet to reciprocate those feelings. Despite this, he shows her a great deal of respect and friendship. He is not above using his skills to fight anyone that'd treaten her, though it's yet to become necessary.

Celen and Meena are good friends, and they respect each other pretty well. Celen doesn't quite get Meena's fascination with human technology, but realizes it makes her very unique among them. Celen can't help but appreciate how strong she is, despite being such an outcast in her own country.

Nathan and his wisecracking nature has always put Celen off a bit, but Celen knows that deep down, he's a calculating Bryna with considerable skill with Magic. Nathan innitially forced his way in the group by proxy of Meena, and it took some time for Celen to adjust to it. At the story's start, though, he's grown fond of the little guy.

Devan Doesn't appear until later, so who knows! (Hint: I do.)


Celen is very close with his mother. She raised him all by herself, and he is old enough to recognize how difficult such a task can be. They are very close, and some even say Celen shows his sillier side around her despite his extreme seriousness in public.

Celen's father left when he was young, and he despises him for reasons that are unclear until later in the story. Leaving is a good reason to hate someone, though.

Celen's other family members haven't been thought out yet. He is an only child, though.

Magic and Mana abilities

Celen has very limited Mana and Magic capabilities, struggling to pass both classes. There's a rumor going around that Seral sneaks some mana and even some magic through him when nobody's looking, but it has not been proven. Celen denies it, of course. Celen's inexplicable weakness is contradicted by his swift flying skills (for a male) and the extent to which he can improve his muscles with Mana and Magic.

When Celen uses his technique, his agility and speed can be improved greatly, but the more they're improved, the shorter the time Celen can handle it before becoming tired. At max, Celen becomes a tiny god, but can only hold it for about 20 seconds. Smaller increases can be held longer. Despite being reinforced with Mana, muscles can be ripped if pushed too far and need time to heal, and too much pressure can sprain or even break bones.

General information

  • Race: Ralian
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 129 lbs
  • Build: Thin, rather short for a male Ralian
  • Magic: Weak
  • Mana : Weak
  • Agility: Mildly fast normally (fairly average Ralian speed)
  • Strength: Weak normally
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