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Seral Kirye



Seral is an easily excited and optimistic Ralian who is adept at using Mana. Seral's mother teaches one of the classes in the school, so most of Seral's childhood has been full of pressures to succeed. She doesn't seem to let it get to her, at least not openly. Aside from this, Seral has led a fairly normal childhood. Her father is a really nice guy, and she adores him completely. Seral always tries to see the good in people, and hopes to one day be a great doctor of Mana healing. She is also studying to be a Mercenary medic, possibly dreaming of following Celen to the ends of Shai. Seral was in a relationship with a (currently unnamed) male a while before the story begins, but it had ended after a time. Seral hasn't been open in explaining why it ended, so it's left up to speculation.


Seral is occasionally teased by other girls regarding her short stature and larger-than-normal-for-a-Ralian chest (made more apparent by aformentioned short stature). She usually responds by asking if they're jealous and laughing it off, but there's always a slight look of hurt on her face after she does so.



Seral and Celen have a very close relationship, but she wishes it was much closer. Seral has always adored Celen since they were little, but in recent years it's become more apparent that she thinks of him as far more than just a best friend. She firmly believes that even though he doesn't feel the same way right now, he will one day. Love will always win in the end, and such. When pressed, Seral states that one of the reasons she's into him and not someone who'd be more receptive is because he's the only guy in the whole country that actually knows and respects her for HER, and not for things she has no control over.

Seral and Meena are rivals. At least, that's how Seral sees it. Celen and Meena became fast friends, and Seral sees her as a threat, even though Celen shows no signs of feeling anything but respect for Meena. Meena finds this rivalry cute, and occasionally tries to rile Seral up for kicks, though in general she just rolls her eyes and shrugs.

Seral Nathan are good friends, though they are prone to having heated debates over the advantages of Mana or Magic. Nathan believes that Magic is far more useful and powerful, since it can create fire from nothingness. Seral believes Mana is far superior, being able to heal wounds and lift large boulders. Deep down, Seral recognizes that Nathan is a powerful Wizard, and she respects him for working as hard as he does at it.

Devan doesn't appear until later, so who knows! (Hint: Me.)


Seral's was born from Kishalia and Mervin. When she was 3, her mother was pregnant with another child, but mis-carried. Seral doesn't remember this very well, but she does recall her mother crying a lot. Seral's mother is a teacher, and puts some pressure on Seral to succeed. Seral's father has been known to come to her rescue, convincing her mother to give her a break. He is very close with her. Seral has no sisters or brothers.

Magic and Mana abilities

Seral is very good with Mana, renown for being the top of her class. There's a decent chunk of jealousy from the other girls, as even her magic far exceeds their own. Though, it's still nothing compared to a male's magic. Seral is actually capable starting small fires, unlike most females who can barely light a match. Her mana is capable of grand levels of matter manipulation, on par with even seasoned Ralian Doctors and mercenaries.

General information

  • Race: Ralian
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 116 lbs
  • Build: Normal, rather short for a female Ralian
  • Magic: Weak
  • Mana : Very Strong
  • Agility: Mildly fast (fairly average Ralian speed)
  • Strength: Weak
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