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"DTmIRC... the comic that almost made it, but didn't. It was a huge turning point in my life, or rather, it was the chronicle of the changes around me. If I could go back and do it again... I probably wouldn't put Stryke in it." - Greg Johnson

DTmIRC was a comic that began a few months after CHIBI ended, and ran for about a year. 185 of them were made. The comics were more adult in nature than CHIBI, though the author's childishness still shined painfully through. Due to the comic's nature of being the Dragon Tails chatroom in comic form, its run was filled with dramatics caused by Slink's attempts to give everyone at least some screen time, while also keeping it from jumping around too much by focusing more on a primary cast.



Guys vs Girls

The first plotline in DTmIRC had the guys face off against the girls. Oddly, there wasn't much actual fighting. The guys were fighting for pr0n, and the girls were fighting for not-pr0n. Or something. It was really silly and kind of stupid. Officially, the girls one, but the guys managed to change around their new laws in order to maintain their pr0ny, pr0ny day.

The Pr0n Bomb

A special bomb has gone off and removed (almost) everyone's clothing! Inexplicably, they were also paired with people they had crushes on! That was clearly not a horrible idea! Eej actually confesses to Yoiko, but is laughed at. Slink realizes Dragonoids need pants, but inexplicably doesn't wear them later. Evion poses naked a lot, to the delight of Spirit.

The Toga Party

Everyone's invited to a Toga Party! Somebody manages to spike the punch, and Slink feels the effects by going blind somehow, missing the girls giggling and possibly doing pr0ny things. They were actually doing something else, though I don't really remember what. Makeup? Tying someone up? Both? Psyko was probably the victim.

Love is in the air

Slink shows Stryke the way to the chatroom, but gets horribly lost. They learn about each other and get all lovey. Booooriiing!

Gender Swap AKA "Slink is a girl and a dragon and also pregnant?!"

Oye. Slink plays around in Dragonoid form, and gets zapped by Evion's Gender-change-ray. Thus, he becomes a girl. Since Dragonoid Slink doesn't wear clothes, things got very interesting artistically. Censoring was done by simply leaving out the parts that'd raise the comic to an R rating. Somehow, Slink woke up one morning to find that he, er, she had slept for long enough to suddenly be in the third trimester of pregnancy. Talk about being a heavy sleeper. The comic continued this whole deal about who the father was, citing five possible candidates! The author was too naive at the time to realize what the implications of that was. Slink ended up having five babies, making them all the father. He then fell through the floor and realized it was all a dream.


Devastated that he was suddenly not a mother anymore, Slink realized that the world he was in was far too complicated and cruel (or maybe he was just bored), and decided the best thing for him would be returning to the Real World. He left a note, which was found too late for anybody to stop him, and he then opened a portal. In a very colorful, 5 page long comic that was really awesome for its time (Hope nobody challenges the bias of this wiki entry!), Stryke appeared, begging him not to leave. The Locker Demon then made his way into the DTmIRC world and attempted to strangle her. Slink unleashed the White dragon form (See: Slink) and used his Holy Ray attack to beat back the demon. Stryke and Slink then kissed, starting a brand new relationship. Slink decided to stay after all.

Mab's return?

Mab appears from a portal, and introduces herself. Slink doesn't seem to recognize her, but being his usual friendly self decides to escort her around. Soon, the Locker Demon appears and manages to unlock a small part of Slink's memory, which made him turn on Mab and attempt to take her out. During this, he lost the white form and became red again. Psyko stopped him with a tranquilizer, and Rynn attempted to erase Slink's memory again. It didn't hold, though, as a little while later Slink turned into a full size dragon for the first time and horrible memories came flooding back. Rynn helped him decide to avoid the full dragon form from then on. Mab left, realizing that even with Rynn's help, Slink could never fully forget.

Psyko lost his pr0n!

Psyko has become docile, ignoring boobs and nakedness in favor of kittens and Puppies. Yoiko rejoices, but Slink panics. Without his pr0nic mentor, what will he do? Evion battles the Censors, and Slink's third cousin (not based on a real cousin) shows up. Slink also recalls the past momentarily.

The l33t competition

Everyone was invited to compete in various events! The contests ranged from one on one battles to having the best insult. In the end, Slink's turn had finally come when the benefactor of the event showed himself... herself. Rema, the Locker Demon's non-canon sister, had set the entire thing up to get to Slink, who she had watched as he battled the Locker Demon in Beyond Lunch, and saw his adventures in Pearl's RP Adventure and CHIBI. This officially made those stories semi-canon. She had fallen in love with how he never gave up, and kept believing in his friends, and various other cliche mushy stuff. She decided to make him hers by injuring him, cursing the wounds to slowly begin eating away at his free will until he saw only Rema. This wasn't all obvious at the time, though.

The Krine adventures by Krine!

A short segment of comics written by Krine, starring Krine. He imagined himself totally being able to beat up a dragon, made a peanut butter sandwich, and beat everyone in Tetris. That last part isn't canon, though.

Anti-universe staring Psyko!

Psyko accidentally presses the button on the Dimensional Flux and finds himself in a universe where everyone has opposite personalities! Slink is bald and wise, Krine is childish and uses no grammar, Spirit is mean, Yoiko is anything but innocent, Evion IS innocent, Bladewing was also mean, and Neo was gay or something! Kudos to anyone who understood or remembers the last sentence. Psyko broke the Dimensional Flux, so he sought out to find the one that surely existed in this world. Unfortunately, he was forced into slave labor and had his life threatened twice before he managed to find it.

The past revealed

Slink wakes up from a nightmare, and realizes he has to seek out Rema, who had disappeared for some reason. He gathers Kittie, Psyko, and someone else and makes his way to where Rema is waiting. Along the way, he meets the Old Man who decides it's time to tell him of the past. Slink revisits where CHIBI left off, and begins to relive that time. Before he could go much further, though, DTmIRC was brought to an abrupt ending.

Multiple Endings

There were several planned endings for DTmIRC. I'll finish this after I decide what to do with the comic I was working on to avoid spoilers.

Cast and characters

Main Cast

  • Slink - The main character. Everyone's favorite orange coat wearing hero!
  • Psyko - A dragonoid who's obsessed with Pr0n. His eyes are swirly and hes a bit psychotic.
  • Stryke - A dragonoid who was the object of Slink's affection in DTmIRC.
  • Evion - A fox who's silliness and perkyness made it hard to be sad for very long!
  • Sevakordraon - A really giant dragon, or a less giant fox morph. Good at protecting others.
  • Rynn(ay) - A dragonoid who plays a big part in the story despite being in the comic less than most.

Secondary Cast

  • Eej - A lizardman who often made sarcastic remarks.
  • Krine - A hare who also often made sarcastic remarks. His signature move, Pr0nic Kick, was never used again.
  • Kittie - A feline who is hyper at times, and calm at others. Is part dragon!
  • Yoiko - A child-like and innocent Winter Wolf who's unofficial job was replacing "Pr0n" with puppies.
  • Neoheaven - A human wielding a giant sword who was the victim of Slink's apparent love of ham.
  • Luna - A panther who enjoyed Toga Parties and shouting "Kinky!" Was the object of Psyko and Krine's affection for a time.


  • Kam - A canine who's talent for art doubled the overall mean art level of the comic.
  • Guin - Apparently used "XD" a lot. Only appeared once, talking of Jsi's hotness.
  • Arcturus - A raptor... or puppy... who didn't get to do more than pose for a single frame.
  • Suni - Not quite sure what she is. She liked making fun of people.
  • Tawa - A gerbil who believed her art to be godlike.
  • Hypnotic - A dragonoid who was adept at art, but shared Slink's denial of it.
  • Ralter - A dragon who enjoyed playing UT with Spirit. Was the object of Evion's affection.
  • Tony Lime - A ...lime, who is noteworthy for making the first flash animation seen by Slink.
  • Bladewing's sister - She was young and cute! Made a comic starring a Mew.
  • Myst - A human who saw little point to the shenanigans of DTmIRC.

Real Events seen in the comic

  • Psyko's affections for Luna
  • Krine's affections for Luna
  • Slink's crush on Rynn
  • Slink and Stryke's relationship
  • Psyko's crush on Rowan
  • Eej's crush on Yoiko
  • The Slowly increasing attempts by Tim and Myst to censor the chatroom
  • The BLT showing up from time to time
  • Slink's troubles with Mab
  • Slink's romantic affair with Psyko
  • The pir8 fad (for one comic)
  • Krine's critiques on the comic not being funny (in the form of making him write it)
  • The falling out of Tawa and Slink (it's subtle)
  • Relationship with Spirit and ...that girl he was with

Spinoff comics

  • Starship Intensity took place 10 years later
  • DTmIRC Neo was a short series by Ralter based on Ralter and Spirit's experience playing games
  • DTmIRC Oddness was a short series by Evion, Yoiko, and Bladewing wherein the cast mimics Sailor Moon
  • DTmIRC RPG was an RPGmaker sprite comic by Spirit
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