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"They say that behind every great man is a fuzzy tail. I think they're idiots."
- Oscar Wilde on Krine

Krine is the Anthropomorphic Rabbit friend of Slink and Bahu. Usually nonchalant, Krine can take most anything weird or inexplicable with little more than raised eyebrows for a moment. This is, of course, excluding any number of Bahu's weapons-grade puns, which can cause a normal mortal to fall to the ground, frothing at the mouth and twitching spasmodically.

In addition, he is a self-admitted jerk, more than willing to verbally slice something in twain if he feels it deserves it. He is, however, still not a bad person to go to for help with things, as he's perfectly willing to help people he likes. Possibly to unhealthy degrees.

While somewhat difficult to rile, certain things can happen which set him to anger very quickly, and though he is normally quite calm, when he's angry, it's very noticeable.

The Comic Age

In Slink's comics, done before the big shift to The Warren, Krine is a relatively minor character whose jerkness is highly emphasized, probably because it was most noticeable about the actual chatter (and the fact that he used punctuation in a chat room full of people that did not and were silly made him look like he was being perpetually sarcastic or dry, which didn't help matters). In general, he was unimportant, and he was shown using a spear for about one comic.

Oh how things would turn around. A turnaround that is not without its own Forshadowing.

The TWmIRC Age

Everything most highlighted about Krine turns around here, as Krine starts being the one who writes his own actions. So, rather than focusing on his jerk-ass nature, it starts focusing on... well, a different aspect of his jerk-ass nature. To wit, his smarm and snark, instead of just straight up dickweedish comments and insults. He was also, much to the annoyance of Slink, put into the Most-Talking slot, as the excuse of the writer was "lines are based on chat room participation." Things are going to be more balanced in upcoming works, despite the fact that he's pretty much the cause of the plot progression in...

The Myriad Lands Age

Krine's character shifts a good bit for the more serious storyline. While he retains his wit and willingness to point out the obviously weird/stupid, he is in the role of a happy-go-lucky adventure seeker. Generally, he prefers to keep a positive outlook and does his best to keep the crew rolling along smoothly while still offering the odd quip. He's quite adamant in his positive outlook-keeping, sometimes forcing it in situations where it shouldn't happen at all.

Most likely, this will show itself as him laying out the basic plans for doing a situation. Basic as in, "First, we get in there. Then, we find a way to disable the god-like demon. Then we kill it." He is also the first to offer himself up as the distraction for the god-like demon, relying on his abilities (and no small amount of blind luck) to keep him alive while trusting his allies to fill in the gaps in his plan themselves.

Unlike previous incarnations, Krine uses a short sword, in addition to a big, nasty black longsword that he picks up (much to his dismay) in the first episode. His style generally revolves around quick movement, which relates directly to his previous training as a Sol Kingdom cavalry soldier. He can also utilize some fire-elemental magic. Not as much as his evil brother Kurinen, though.

Krine can be seen wearing either matching pants and long-sleeved button up shirts, or adorns his left ear with a green ribbon and wears tanned leather armor leggings, vest, arm guards, boots and gloves.

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