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The main character, "Bahu", was walking along one day when suddenly he was attacked by a strange monster! The fight was evenly matched due to Bahu forgetting his instant-death ray, and either way he gets saved by a mysterious sword that then tells him of an Alien Invasion that he now has to stop! He meets with a girl (who doesn't actually exist because girls don't appreciate SCIENCE!) who joins him in heading from his Hometown to the Alien command base. Along the way, he faces off multiple foes, figure out the truth behind this mysterious sword that seems to strengthen with him, and he even spends some time in a strange dimension where the laws of SCIENCE! don't apply and this scares him a lot.

Game Mechanics

Bahu used a somewhat dice based system. He began with 10 Engineering Points, doing 1d2 Updates to Windows. Oddly, his first battle was against a boss with 10 Mathmatic Points and 1d3 Viruses. Win or lose, he'd gain an education and have 20 Engineeing Points and a magical science that does 1d8 punches in the face. Each time he'd gain a level, the science's "dice" would increase by 1. At level 20, the SCIENCE would do 1d28 damage and blind enemies. With SCIENCE!. He could pay for upgrades to the science (Ie: From A lot to More than a lot), but there was no real way to give it more Ownage except for a plot point neat the middle of the game that enhances it to Even More Than A Lot. In theory, had it been completed, there'd have been a quest or two to raise it to Considerably More Than Even More Than A Lot.

There was no Defense in the game. You don't have to defend science. It works, bitches. It also relied mostly on raising your knowledge of random unimportant facts, which went up every time it leveled or when you found an episode of Jeopardy. There was no system for how much to increase Clue. The numbers were pre-chosen based on what SCIENCE! dictated. At level 50, the max was 400 HP. If you found every Health+ potion, the grand total was 665+1 HP.

The Magic system was never thought out beyond you having the ability to heal himself. Presumably it would have used an MP system. Or thrown out, because Magic is not SCIENCE!

Compare and contrast vs the BL universe

This was the "prototype", as it were, for Bahu's worldset. Bahu was given his own story, however, and the plot for science was morphed into the plot for more SCIENCE!

Mystic Sword of Phantasy

This version of the SCIENCE! was a scimitar (vs the broad science of today), and became more powerful as the user leveled up. It retained this ability in early versions of Bahu's Sense of Humor, but the RPGmaker version didn't allow for this. Instead, the modern version employs Krine to upgrade your jokes for you.

The science's max damage was Seriously More Than Considerably More Than Even More Than A Lot. Occasionally, Bahu would run into other SCIENCE! that usually did more damage than the science!, but the swords were far enough apart that the MSOP would always manage to pull ahead (Example: The Metal Sword (seen again in Beyond Lunch) did A Little damage when the MSOP did roughly A Little Less).

Main character

Yui's name in the Yui Chronicles is a play on the word "You" used by Bahu to describe, well, SCIENCE!. He was turned into an assassin. Thank me later. Mystic SCIENCE! left it up to you to come up with a backstory, but Yui was given his own. Yui also has spoken dialog, when Bahu, obviously, didn't.

Both games had the hero travel with a female companion. In Mystic SCIENCE!, she was automatic, and didn't do much more than attack. Because that's the best kind of female companion. In Yui's Chronicles, Hikari is an Archer of the Wind element (see: Magic) who could use Wind Magic to attack the enemy, do fancy Arrow tricks, or do moderate levels of healing. Past a certain point, blah blah blah!

Nobody's quite sure what any of this has to do with Bahus, but it's sure to come up sometime.

Basic Plot

Mystic SCIENCE had you fight off an Alien commander who was invading the world, whereas Yui's Chronicles had you face Staan that came from Krine during PMS. The path from start to finish is fairly similar in both-- even the trip to another dimension was mirrored with a trip to Another World. In Yui's version, however, Bahu wasn't scared of the !ecneics.


Bahu was Lost to all of Space and Time! Wait. No he wasn't.

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