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Slink O. Boy, also known as "Our Hero", is the main character in a surprising amount of stories made by Slink. Narcassist, much? Has Arachniphobia, and becomes stiff with fear when faced with spiders, being more afraid the bigger and long-leg-ier it is.


General Backstory

In all incarnations, Slink wields a mysterious magical sword named the Mystic Sword of Phantasy, or MSOP for short. In general, it allows him to use Holy Magic and cut things up right good. Slink's past is generally shrouded in mystery as he almost never talks of his life before finding whichever world he happens to be in at the time.

Except for in Beyond Lunch and The Warren, he carries a Dimensional Flux in all incarnations which allows him to travel between dimensions. For some reason, it's almost never used.

The Orange Coat is said to have a pocket of infinite space inside it, and never gets dirty or damaged despite his many conflicts. Some say the coat is made of titanium coated in No-Stick(tm). Skeptics counter by saying nobody that weak could ever lift a titanium jacket. Despite having a hood on the back, Slink is not once seen putting it on, even in cold weather. This helps fuel the Titanium theory.

Often, though not as much anymore, Slink is accompanied by his partner Sprinty. Sprinty is a large bat-like creature who is just too cute! Aww.

The three spells Slink has in most continuities are:
Healing Touch - Heal wounds. I came up with the name BEFORE Trauma center came out.
Holy Ray - Shoot a ray of holy might!
Ultimate Power (Release) - Ultimate move. Empower the MSOP with holy Magic and throw it into the enemy, where it then explodes in a blast of intense holy magic. Very Damaging!

Beyond Lunch

Slink controls the Holy Element, and can heal wounds and shoot Holy beams of light. He has a fairly high level of INT and MP, giving him a good reserve to cast from. Despite having offensive Magic, He still relies heavily on his sword to do damage.

-Unique to this universe-
Slink's youth and naivete are very strong here. He tends to just follow along with what everyone else is doing, muttering jokes born of his own wit and sarcasm well below anyone's hearing range.

-Form Changes-
Dragon Form is mentioned in Beyond Lunch, but it's yet to be seen if he can or will use it. It's also hinted that he can unlock the ultimate power of a Paladin or even something more powerful. Slink has no other form-changing powers, and remains generally human.

The DT universe

Slink shares a good deal of his Beyond Lunch counterpart's magic, but gains a few new abilities not used in that game. Slink can Polymorph into various forms, and has managed to unlock the White Dragon form from time to time. He has not been seen in Paladin form in this universe, but it's hinted he has it.

-Unique to this universe-
Slink becomes more commanding, always willing to move headstrong into danger. He also shows signs of being quite a tinkerer, building many inventions ranging from Fireworks to Flying machines, to even a Spaceship. Slink falls in love with two people: Mab in CHIBI, and Stryke in DTmIRC. These relationships don't show up outside of the two comics. It's hinted throughout his time in the universe that Slink wishes deep down that he could be a Dragon and escape his human form completely. During Pearl's RP Adventure and CHIBI, Slink is accompanied by Sprinty. He vanishes in DTmIRC, however.

-Form Changes-
Slink can polymorph into multiple forms, but only turns into anything not a Red Dragon once. Being Polymorphed requires the MSOP, and uses up his Magical Energy the longer he holds a form. In CHIBI, he gets stuck as a dragon, unable to transform back without the MSOP. in DTmIRC, the magic drain is sometimes ignored. The exact effects of this power are never nailed down, and tend to vary. Slink spends an embarrasing amount of time as a Red Dragon, but manages to turn into a White Dragon a couple of times. He is able to both become a full-form dragon and an anthropomorphic dragon.

The Warren/The Myriad Lands

Slink has nothing unique in the first 4 episodes. From episode 5 onward, the way his magic works is completely different. He still tends to use Holy Magic, but he's absurdly good at it due to his learning to use it in a fairly magicless place. Slink's classic Beyond Lunch arsenal is replaced with various abilities relying on the partial summoning of a White Dragon. His ultimate move changes slightly from Ultimate Power (Release) to Ultimate Holy Release. White Dragon form disappears after episode 4, and Slink can't polymorph. At least, not through his own power.

-Unique to this universe-
There's no Dimensional Flux. Instead, Slink was born and raised in Te'Nahsee. Slink's design is changed a little bit. The Mystic Sword of Phantasy no longer has an amplification Aura, nor is it biased against evil hearted people. Instead, the MSOP helps its wielder cast magic more easily. Anyone can use it, so Slink has to be careful not to lose it! This Slink has no knowledge of Beyond Lunch or the Beyond Lunch Team. There's no word yet on whether or not Sprinty makes an appearance.

-Form Changes-
The Animal Kingdom's magical flow causes Slink to turn into an Orange Cat-person while he's within their borders. This effect fades when he leaves the area.

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