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Te'Nahsee is Slink's home country. It's somewhat similar to the world of Beyond Lunch, filled with humans and technology that doesn't rely on magic.



Te'Nahsee is often seen as the "Middle ground" country, lacking the magical prowess of the Animal Kingdom, but not having made the technological advances seen in Fahrenbaum. Te'Nahsee's technology, unlike Fahrenbaum's, doesn't rely on magic to function and generally works no matter where it is. Te'Nahsee has never made any real attempt to conquer the other two nations, realizing they'd either be overpowered by Magic or by Technology. It's avoided being conquered thanks to the heavy reliance of magic by the other two nations, and their lack of capabilities without it. Bullets powered by gunpowder still shoot, even in places where a fireball fizzles out like a match in the rain.


There is very little magic in Te'Nahsee. It is often said that there's a pressence of anti-magic specifically designed to hinder its use, but it's never been proven. Despite the general lack of anything magical in nature, the very rare individual has been able to use basic elements. Scientists have been at constant work trying to build devices that enhance and enable magic, but to date the best they've managed to do is create a special type of gem that enables those with innate magical abilities to tap into them slightly while in Te'Nahsee. It's currently unknown how these gems function outside of the nation.

Nature of Magic

Magic is negated when entering Te'Nahsee. Those from the Animal Kingdom find themselves in human form and without any real abilities at all. People coming from Fahrenbaum find their machines not working. Or exploding. Somehow.

Magic-enhancing technology

Many people have tried to force magic to work with the use of technology, but to date nobody has succeeded. They have, however, managed to make special gems that allow people who CAN use magic in Te'Nahsee to do so with more ease. These gems are expensive to manufacture, though, so only a handful of people in the entire nation both can use magic and have gotten their hands on one of these gems.

It's theorized by many that if a magic user with a gem was to leave Te'Nahsee, they'd find themselves overloading with sheer magical might. All gems come with a Warning label that state, "Please do not use these gems in the Animal Kingdom for your own safety."


Te'Nahsee has three main providences all under the rule of one President. A new president is elected whenever the old one retires (after 15 years of service). Nowadays he's mostly a figure-head and the actual laws are set by the Joined Providences, a committee of leaders from all three territories. Before the President and JP were created, the three lands often fought for land and power. Eventually, there was an attempted takeover by INSERT THOSE PEOPLE HERE, and they were forced to join together and combine their technology to take out the invaders (how depends on who!).


A popular vacation spot, and the first place most tourists head to while figuring out why their magic doesn't work anymore. The place is often sunny, and is home of many popular beach spots due to its warm weather.


This place is full of thick forests, and trees are generally everywhere. It's home of the capitol city of Altana, and is generally heavily populated. Geo'jia is also the largest of the three providences, and is home to all kinds of strange and exotic people. I mean animals. Some of its residents tend to be extremists, continually trying to tell others of a great Dragon God that will one day return to do whatever it is Dragon Gods do. Breathe fire?


Slink is from this province. He was born and raised in the city of Ruth'aford. Muh'frisboro is where most of the farming gets done, and is sometimes seen as dull and boring compared to Floh'reeda's beaches and Geo'jia's vast forests. In the past 10 years, more and more people have been showing up in Muh'frisboro for no apparent reason.

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